Saturday, March 18, 2006

Catching Up and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy gig

Bloody hell... exactly where did that week go? I almost feel ripped off, except that time blurring is kind of the norm around here, so really, I am the fool for being surprised.

Anyway, I have a pile of CDs to comment on, new purchases to report and a gig to mention. In the interests of post titles, I am going to post a number of entries.

New Purchase report:

My Latest Novel - The Reputation of Ross Francis EP - - 2006 - Bella Union (£3)
Brian Wilson - Smile - - 2004 - Nonesuch (£6 SH)
Various Artists - New Orleans Funk 1960-1975 - - 2000 - Soul Jazz Records (£8)

I also have a few en route via the post - all rare Bonnie 'Prince' Billy stuff.

On the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy tip... I am extremely happy to mention that I will see the great man in April. He is - as is his won't - doing a number of gigs in the far far North (the most southernly of which is Gateshead). But the final gig of the tour is at a very small village hall in the middle of nowhere (Glenuig Village Hall, to be precise). I have the suspicion that this is going to be one hell of an occasion. All the pieces fit:

1) end of a tour
2) a one off tour at that (it is funded by Scottish Arts and he is playing with a small Scottish folk band)
3) apparently the location of a boyhood holiday
4) middle of nowhere
5) the only people there are very likely to be the most determined and enthusiastic fans (this was confirmed to be by the management of the hall), so the atmosphere should be close to ecstatic.
6) From what I understand, an awful lot of those going will be camping nearby

Now, given the atmospheric, esoteric, and/or utterly unpredicatble nature of Will Oldham gigs (as I understand - this will be the first time I will see him), I think it is easy to see why this gig will be a monster. I think I would be a FOOL to miss it. Despite the million hour drive and perhaps even having to camp.

Thankfully, despite anything else I might say about my wife and daughter, they are both totally game when it comes to an adventure. Both of them are up for it. Che is excited because it is the first gig that she will be allowed to go to (children are allowed - it is a village hall) and it is in Scotland, and I think she has picked up my almost unbridlable excitement. Caroline is just tuned into the damned foolishness of the trip. She does like to try new things, much more so than me. So, my suspicion is that she has picked up on my determination and kind of figured that Bonnie 'Prince' Billy ain't that bad, and that I will not need any persuading on this one. You don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

So, April 22nd. I cannot wait.

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