Monday, March 27, 2006

Candi Staton and Cat Power

It is worth listening to the new Candi Staton CD, 'His Hands' and the new(ish) Cat Power CD, 'The Greatest' back-to-back. Cat Power (like contemporaries Neko Case and even Jenny Lewis), in an attempt to develop her sound, gathered herself a crack band, headed South, and sought to create a purer, more classic album.

Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) is probably the most successful of her peers in this endeavour. Her CD carries a sharpness, and also a depth, the others lack. She captures a restrained soulful feel without losing her own sound. The mood of the album, while draped in the trappings of 70s soul, is never anything other than that of Cat Power. She may have Booker T's drummer, and Al Green's partner on board; the sound may be polished and the rough edges removed, but there is an ongoing down-beatness, that is integral to the whole. It is a great album and it has resulted in my backtracking into her older material, but as an example of soul, it remains somewhat outside the territory.

Candi Staton, on the other hand, is a real soul singer. She has also gathered a crack band, and has returned (South?) to the studio. I am not sure how much Staton has sought to develop her sound, but we can suggest that by hiring Lambchop's producer, Mark Nevers, someone has sought to do the job. Nevers, who has contributed strongly the 'soul'fulness of Kurt Wagner's songs, clearly knows his way around, since this never sounds anything other than authentic.

Most of this can probably be put down to Candi Staton herself. Her voice continues to carry a broken determination, a certainty in her own will to survive and celebrate that is at the heart of all great soul singers. I have the feeling that she could sing the phone book, and it would suddenly take on a sense of drama and pathos.

Sonically, I am not sure that there is a million miles between Cat Power's and Candi Staton's. They both carry much of the same textures and sounds, and both have tales of sadness, woe and desparation. But the key difference is the difference between someone who wants to make a soul album and a soul singer. Cat Power's album is brilliant and cannot recommend it enough, but it is simply not a soul album. Candi Staton manages to take the same sounds and the same stories and bring hope to them. I probably prefer Cat Power's minor chords and melancholia - 'His Hands', while being excellent and a fine come-back, is still just a little too confined to the soul arena to win hands down.

But in the soul stakes... Candi has it everytime.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

O is for... On-U Sound

This is a post for another blog somewhere else, but I see no reason why it shouldn't be here too, marking, as it does, one of my first musical obsessions.

O is for…. On-U Sound

This is a fairly formal first posting, but this simply what I found myself writing when I wanted to convey why I thought Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound should be included – biographical information and all…

It might be true to say that Adrian Sherwood and the On-U Sound System label lost its way in the very late 80s, and has not released anything genuinely essential since then. However, for about ten years, from 1978-1988, the On-U Sound label and all it’s offshoots were amongst the hottest, most experimental and perhaps, most influential outfits working in the musical underground during that time. Not bad for a geezer that got started by flogging reprinted Jamaican records up and down the country from the boot of his car.

It was by doing so, however, that Adrian Sherwood began to meet reggae hero Prince Far I, and became acquainted with his backing band, Roots Radics. Being a bit of a young upstart, and it being 1978 and all that, Sherwood wanted to start his own record label, and so agreed to produce a side by members of the band, calling themselves ‘Creation Rebel’ after a Burning Spear song.

Two early releases ‘Dub from Creation’ and ‘Rebel Vibration’ were released on the Hitrun label, which soon went bust. These two LPs were well received by some critics, but dismissed by hardcore reggae fans as being too experimental. Now, they sound as fresh as anything Tubby, or Lee Perry produced from the 70s. The dubs were sharp and spacey, and made good use of all musicians. Despite Hitruns collapse, Sherwood persisted, however, establishing the On-U Sound label soon afterwards.

The well-documented punk connection with reggae saw Sherwood forging links with Dennis Bovell, ex-slits Ari-Up, ex-Pop Group members Steve Beresford and Mark Stewart, as well as some from the Corpus Christi label, Penny Rimbaud, and Little ‘Annie’ Anxiety – even John Lydon shows up one release. Perhaps a consequence of the input of these artists, or perhaps a natural leaning in Sherwood himself, it saw On-U sound becoming increasingly experimental as the roster of artists on the label grew.

Every release was given the future-proof tagline ‘Another 1992 On-U Sound Production’ and with Adrian Sherwood was at the helm, the production became deliberately futuristic. Creation Rebel’s third release ‘Starship Africa’ stretched the sparseness of dub reggae to breaking point. Ari-Up’s ‘New Age Steppers’ pulled the genre towards a post-punk (post-everything) sensibility – their cover of Junior Byles’ ‘Fade Away’ needs to be heard. The arrival of Bonjo Iyanbinghi Noah and his band, African Head Charge, took the Rasta vibrations to unheard-of possibilities of abstraction, with their debut ‘My Life in a Hole in the Ground’.

Various studio-based projects prefigured Bristol based Trip Hop. Mark Stewart’s abrasive assault is best seen in his debut ‘Learning to Cope With Cowardice’ (especially the single release – a cover of Blake’s ‘Jerusalem’). The party reached its highpoint with the insanity of The Missing Brazilians’ ‘Warzone’. This LP pushed so many barriers down that even the open-minded distributor Cherry Red balked. Mixing trippy dub beats with heavy noise assaults pushed even Sherwood abilities to the extreme. There are points on the album where everything pours into the red. It is an album that really ought to be heard by everyone with an interest in avant-garde – even if only once.

A growing critical reaction and increasing studio technology (with perhaps a nod to the digital sound now coming from Jamaica) saw On-U Sound refine its sound away from raw experimentalism. Making use of Sherwood’s collaborators Skip McDonald, Doug Wimbush and Keith LeBlanc (the original Sugar Hill house band in NY), the sound became more electronic and more syncopated. This resulted in On-U Sound hitting both its high-water mark in terms of artistry and record sales, but also the slow slide away from what made the label so exciting in the first place.

Records of note from this period include Dub Syndicate’s ‘Echomania’, and African Head Charge’s truly magnificent ‘Songs of Praise’.

Perhaps reliance upon a formula, perhaps the move of key players to other labels, perhaps the increasing competition of other labels, producers, and genres all resulted in On-U Sound becoming something of a spent force by the very late 80s. Only very few truly great releases have emerged. New artists have joined the label, some of whom have made good releases (notably Ghetto Priest, Japan’s Audio Active, and Sherwood’s own 2Badcard), but nothing has gained the same level of impact as those early ‘1992’ releases.

Sherwood himself has kept busy at the helm of On-U Sound, but also as a jobbing producer, having worked with Depeche Mode, The Fall, Skinny Puppy, Simply Red, Michael Franti amongst many other. He has also established the reggae re-issue label ‘Pressure Sounds’. His influence on the path of music remains considerable, if only for those historic releases. The Bristol connection through Mark Stewart and Gary Clail has been credited by Massive Attack and others in that scene. The ambient field of The Orb and Orbital draws links to On-U Sound, and it is plausible to draw links to labels such as Mo’Wax and Warp, if only the range of their production.

Some final personal notes: I first recall properly listening to an On-U Sound release under the influence of magic mushrooms (circa 1989), listening to the suitably trippy (and undoubted classic) collaboration between Creation Rebel and the New Age Steppers. More than simply changing the shape of that evening (which remains exceptionally memorable), it changed the shape of my musical listening, opening my mind to reggae, dub and dancehall. I also managed to see African Head Charge at Glastonbury in 1990. The electrics kept cutting out, leaving only the heavy nyahbinghi drumming. Fireworks from another part of the festival were set off. I was in heaven.

Essential releases include:

Creation Rebel - Starship Africa (1980)

African Head Charge – Off the Beaten Track (1986) & Songs of Praise (1990)

New Age Steppers – New Age Steppers (1980)

Dub Syndicate – Pounding Systems (1981) & Echomania (1993)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lies, My Latest Novel and Guns and Roses

OK. I lied. I couldn't help myself and I bought another couple of CDs. Here they are.

My Morning Jacket - Tennessee Fire - - 1999 - Wichita Recordings (£5)
Edwyn Collins & Orange Juice - A Casual Introduction - - 2002 - Setanta (£3)
David Axelrod - The Edge of Music - - 2006 - Stateside (£12)

Tuesday night, I caught My Latest Novel at the Glee Club in Birmingham (You have to love the Glee Club - so so intimate). The support was a band called the Semifinalists. This three-piece bewildered me at first with a shouty, amateurish burst before settling into something like a cross between Broadcast and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They were OK, but I had no desire to pursue them further.

My Latest Novel seemed nervous at first, just not quite comfortable. As they got into it, though, they began to relax and appeared to enjoy themselves. Their set matched their CD virtually song for song, which on the one hand was cool, because it is a great CD. On the other, it meant that there was not so much spontenaity. By the end, it was a really good gig - a lot of good energy. I enjoyed it - check 'em out...

Now, Guns and Roses. I am thoroughly made up that people have commented on these short pieces of nonsense. And I really hope people continue doing so, but I need to get this stuff off my chest...

Let us set the record straight on this band. For all the new, dirty energy that they poured into heavy rock (of the popular sort) - a grit that had been absent for best part of a decade if you include punk, since the Stones if you don't - they truly suck. I bought the LP in 1986 (ish) on import, before 'Welcome to the Jungle' had really cracked, and I have to admit that I loved it. I played the LP to death. Until, that is, the LP was officially released in this country and you could not walk into a rock club without hearing it. It was around that time that I really began to get tired. I always thought that 'Sweet Child o'Mine' and 'Paradise City' were among the least interesting, and yet these were the tunes that would be played three to four times a night. By the time my friends began to tire also, I was so grateful.

I was mostly out of that scene by the time 'Lies' was released and so I was not subjected to it, and by the time 'Use Your Illusion' was out, I was long gone. And besides, rock music had learnt its lesson and was long gone too - grit was back and some genuinely good rock bands had climbed into their place, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Metallica (none of which bands I was really into, by the way).

Now, I have a bad compulsion. You may have noticed, I really like to buy CDs. One of the reasons I like to buy CDs is because I can re-buy my old vinyl collection from the 80s. That is why I bought 'Appetite for Destruction' last week. I listened through it once. Once was all I could handle - perhaps more. Even the one half-way decent track - the title track -
was, as I say, only half-way decent. The two tunes I recalled liking from the LP at the time, 'It's So Easy' and 'Mr. Brownstone' are so immature, it is embarrassing ('And besides I ain't got nothing better to do, and I'm bored...' I ask you... I mean, really...?). And the two aforementioned big singles... Well, it is probably fair to say that despite the 20 years that have since passed, the wounds have still not healed.

Occasionally, things I have learned to hate have been re-habilitated. Nirvana's Nevermind is a case in point (A housemate played it continually for a month), as is Doves's first CD (which was heard under mis-fortunate conditions, e.g. with Coldplay). But 'Appetite..' was not one of them. I genuinely cannot recall hearing a CD that made me judder so often while listening to it.

I understand that nostalgia can play sneaky tricks on the mind, but guys, I recommend that you go and try to listen to that CD afresh. You'll see what I mean...

Catching Up and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy gig

Bloody hell... exactly where did that week go? I almost feel ripped off, except that time blurring is kind of the norm around here, so really, I am the fool for being surprised.

Anyway, I have a pile of CDs to comment on, new purchases to report and a gig to mention. In the interests of post titles, I am going to post a number of entries.

New Purchase report:

My Latest Novel - The Reputation of Ross Francis EP - - 2006 - Bella Union (£3)
Brian Wilson - Smile - - 2004 - Nonesuch (£6 SH)
Various Artists - New Orleans Funk 1960-1975 - - 2000 - Soul Jazz Records (£8)

I also have a few en route via the post - all rare Bonnie 'Prince' Billy stuff.

On the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy tip... I am extremely happy to mention that I will see the great man in April. He is - as is his won't - doing a number of gigs in the far far North (the most southernly of which is Gateshead). But the final gig of the tour is at a very small village hall in the middle of nowhere (Glenuig Village Hall, to be precise). I have the suspicion that this is going to be one hell of an occasion. All the pieces fit:

1) end of a tour
2) a one off tour at that (it is funded by Scottish Arts and he is playing with a small Scottish folk band)
3) apparently the location of a boyhood holiday
4) middle of nowhere
5) the only people there are very likely to be the most determined and enthusiastic fans (this was confirmed to be by the management of the hall), so the atmosphere should be close to ecstatic.
6) From what I understand, an awful lot of those going will be camping nearby

Now, given the atmospheric, esoteric, and/or utterly unpredicatble nature of Will Oldham gigs (as I understand - this will be the first time I will see him), I think it is easy to see why this gig will be a monster. I think I would be a FOOL to miss it. Despite the million hour drive and perhaps even having to camp.

Thankfully, despite anything else I might say about my wife and daughter, they are both totally game when it comes to an adventure. Both of them are up for it. Che is excited because it is the first gig that she will be allowed to go to (children are allowed - it is a village hall) and it is in Scotland, and I think she has picked up my almost unbridlable excitement. Caroline is just tuned into the damned foolishness of the trip. She does like to try new things, much more so than me. So, my suspicion is that she has picked up on my determination and kind of figured that Bonnie 'Prince' Billy ain't that bad, and that I will not need any persuading on this one. You don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

So, April 22nd. I cannot wait.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

(The Godlike Genius of) Scott Walker

It barely needs noting that there is no-one - not even Satan - who can resist the glory of Scott Walker's self-titled albums from the late 60s. The Walker Brothers' releases beforehand are pretty nifty too. I was blown away by Scott's tunes from 'Nite Flights', which leapt out of the darkness like that thing in my bad dreams, and showed me a whole new Scott (a scary Walker - a Walker brother from another planet). Even when I finally bought 'Tilt', it towered over me, and despite being really hard to get, gave me thrills ('21, 21, 21'). But for some reason, I kept putting 'Climate of Hunter' off. Perhaps it was the rumours of poor '80s production. Perhaps it was caught between the twin-glories of 'Tilt' and 'The Electrician', and so simply could not compete. Perhaps I just knew that a sparkly new remasted edition was on the horizon, and that I should really just wait.

Well, wait I did. And sure enough, a sparkly remastered edition was released, which I bought as soon as I saw it. Even then, however, the mood wasn't right and it sat, unplayed on my shelf for a further three and a half weeks. I do not know what I was thinking, or why I was thinking it. It might be the same reason that 'Au Hasard Balthazar' still sits unwatched on my DVD shelf after about three and a half months, despite years of wishing for it.

Anyway, about a week ago, I finally did it. I played 'Climate of Hunter'. Bloody Hell, the guy is good. Yes, it probably is fair to say that the production is not perfect - and yes, it is also probably fair to say that it is not as great as 'Tilt' or 'The Electrician'. But bloody hell, the guy is good. It does sound very much like it sits between those releases. It is not as operatic as Tilt, nor as much like a fucked up disco as 'Nite Flights', and as such, it probably is not as good. But this is a bit like saying that The White Album is not as good as Revolver or Sgt. Pepper - it is probably true, but it is hardly condemnation either.

As for the sound: heavy slabs of synths play host to Scott's loosely shaped lyrics. The word play is not tight or playful, but every word, every phrase and every phrasing seems forced. I feel like I am being a little over-dramatic here, but it does feel like the Garden of Gethsemane - everything feels like it is being forced into existence. Here is a sample of the lyrics (I do not claim to know what he's on about):

'This is how you disappear
out between midnight

called up
under valleys
of torches
and stars.

Foot, knee,
shaggy belly, face,
famous hindlegs,

as one of their own
you graze with them.'


Various contributors come and go throughout the disc - from Billy Ocean (who performs a duet on the one single from the CD - the appropriately named 'Track Three') and Evan Parker to Mark Knopfler. Somehow, these oddly inappropriate artists are sucked into Scott's universe, and give performances that somehow make the CD a little more tense again. I have waited a long time for this - and for no terribly good reason - but hey, it was worth the wait.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Latest Novel, U2 and Michael Nyman

As I said yesterday, I did indeed go to purchase a number of CDs later that day. I had hoped to get back to you before then, but real life intervened and I didn't. Such is real life.

How real? Beats me.

I bought five CDs:

My Latest Novel - Wolves - - 2006 - - Bella Union (£12)
Pharoah Sanders - You've Got to Have Freedom: Anthology - - 2005 - - Universal (£9)
Leonard Cohen - The Future - - 1992 - - Columbia (£4 SH)
Michael Nyman - The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover - - 1989 - Venture (£5 SH)
Steely Dan - Can't Buy a Thrill - - 1998 (reissue) - - MCA (£6)

I am also going to mention two other recent releases:

U2 - Achtung Baby - - 1991 - - Island (£5 SH)
Scott Walker - Climate of Hunter - - 2006 Reissue - - EMI (£6)

First up - My Latest Novel. This IS going to be huge. I caught a track on the radio - DAB's The Arrow - 'Real Rock Radio'. (This is, incidentally, the best music station I have come across on DAB. Most of the time, it is more of the usual MOR rock standard. But there are floating around in the station a few DJs who know their music, and have played some very interesting bits and bobs. Anyway...) As soon as I heard this tune, I thought that it sounded interesting with a capital 'I' and instantly felt the need to hunt the sucker down. Discovering that it wasn't yet released as an LP, I pre-ordered with Steve (my dealer), and readied myself for possible vindication or disappointment. Thankfully, I am glad to announce that the former was in order. It's really fucking good.

To cut a long story short, its a folkier Arcade Fire. Whereas the Arcade Fire were more angular - especially in their Bowie/David Byrne/Pixies connections - these guys are a little more flowing, and less fixed in their textural palette. By that I mean that they let the percussion and strings do a lot more of the work than the Arcade Fire. (This is not to say that AF are stingy with these elements, but more that they use strings and percussion to augment what the 'traditional' rock instruments are doing, rather than let these instruments set their own terms - Does that make sense?). Where they are very similar, is in their energy and conveying a definite sense of urgency. On top of all that, the songs are pretty good too. 'Learning Lego', 'When We Were Wolves' and the single 'The Reputation of Ross Francis' make lovely use of chanting and shouting, while the opener 'Ghost in the Gutter' has a great Morricone feel. Go and buy it now!

I am going to deal with two more in the same chunk if that is OK. I used to have both U2's 'Achtung Baby' and Michael Nyman's 'The Cook, the theif...' on cassette (probably still do.... oh no, I don't - I binned all my cassettes) . Both of them had been somewhat sidelined in my attentions, and I felt almost lukewarm about re-buying them, despite the fact that they were both criminally missing from the collection.

Both of them were highly satisfying to actually play again and have reminded how damned great both artists are. Nyman's opener to this is such a headturner - 'Memorial' both recalls the film and is thoroughly evocative in its own terms. My instant thought is that I would love this track to a perpetual soundtrack to the whole of my life. Then, maybe, I would feel as important as I ought to feel. The whole world would be one grand procession. It's probably as well that this is not the case, since the sudden obligation to stand and walk at such a pace would surely piss every other living person alive off way too much. (Possibly even me). But the world would seem such a grand place. The last track was missable and probably accounts for my half-heartedness, being a vocal piece. I am not a great choral person.

'Achtung Baby' was placed in the deck with great misgivings. It has been heartily dissed by me on several occasions (despite kind of knowing that I was being unduly harsh). I am so so devoted to The Unforgettable Fire, that this seemed so so wrong on release. I bought it (on cassette - an indication of my purse-lipped attitude to it), listened to it and then set it to one side. I now know why: 'The Fly'. This was the first single and it sucks. It was all that was wrong with U2 post 1990 - over-brash and full of itself, but mostly shiny and luminescent. I liked the matt shades of greys from UF and even The Joshua Tree. But having listened to it through, with honest ears. I have to say that overall, it is pretty good. the other singles hold up very nicely. Even 'One', which is now Johnny Cash's, as far as I am concerned, was satisfying. It will never reflect that golden period of sullen growing up that I associate with UF, but still a damned good CD from a band that know how to rock (even if I wish they wouldn't).

Time prevents me from getting to the other stuff... I will be back.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Acoustic Ladyland, Jenny Lewis and snow

OK, guys. So this is how this thing is going to work now that that damned list is up. As and when I buy a CD or two - or more, I will write about it, and in doing so, perhaps make one or two comments about me and my life and the other stuff that surrounds it. In essence, the dumb list of CDs will provide a context and the soundtrack to stuff that happens here. Kinda the way it should be.

It is Saturday morning and, as is not entirely unusual, I sneakily bought a couple of CDs last night. I didn't mean to - I usually buy CDs (officially) on Saturdays. But I had a little cash in my pocket, they were cheap, figured it would make the dent today look a little less. So, you know, I did it. £10 - two CDs - one less than a month out (and critically acclaimed at that). Am I so bad? Probably not. Sad, though, maybe.

Anyhow here are the two CDs:

Acoustic Ladyland - Last Chance Disco - - 2005 - - Babel Records (£5)
Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat - - 2006 - - Rough Trade (£6)

Can I just add that it is Saturday and it is snowing like a motherfucker out there. All week I have been hoping and praying (no less) for serious snow that might afford us in the midlands a little equality with our more-Northern colleagues and get us some time off school. No. We wait until the weekend, when the only inconvenience is to ourselves and then it snows. And it snows.

The CDs.

I have only listened to these once, so neither review (if you could call them that) will be very comprehensive.

The Acoustic Ladyland is way too uptempo for me really. The best description would be punk-jazz, but all in all, it involves too much jumping around for tunes with no words. There are a few tunes that I can see making it onto the Radio Show, and perhaps on odd moments, it might get played from time to time. Is it any good? Erm, yes, I think so. There are a few standout tracks, the openers 'Iggy' and 'OM KONZ' are both brain-jarring, and later a track called 'Thing' leaps out nicely (in a bumpy kind of way). 'Of You' and 'Nico' - the last two tracks - push the jazzy thing up a little, which is nice after the barrage of sound that has hit for the previous half hour. All in all, it probably needs a few more listens. Just not certain that it'll get many of them.

Jenny Lewis has kind of passed me by a little. Her band, prior to this release, Rilo Kiley, has resided just a little too squarely in the indie-darling set to catch my attention. As such, I cannot make any great comments about how this is a grand leap forward or any bullshit like that. It's a nice LP. It has a pleasing country-esque vibe to it, while not over-powering in that way. Some of the songs seem very satisfying, and somehow I find it in the same territory as a few other quite satisfying CDs - 'The Greatest' by Cat Power, 'I am Shelby Lynn' by ermm... I forget (Shelby Lynn). Although I am not sure that it is quite as good as either of them. This will definitely get some further listens, though, since there are some tunes that are already shouting to be heard again 'The Big Guns', 'Rabbit Fur Coat', 'Born Secular'. I also suspect that it will grow a little with successive listens, so watch this space. Hopefully I will remember to update you.

It is Saturday, so a few more CDs are likely to arrive in the next few hours, including the new not-yet-released, My Latest Novel CD, 'Wolves'. So you might hear back from me quite soon.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Opener - A List For All Seasons

This is probably the saddest blog entry you'll ever see. But there are one or two small passing benefits, most probably for me. It sort of acts as insurance. If the most horrendous thing ever happens and all my CDs got nicked, then I would have a list that would not be dependable upon my PC, or anything like that. Also, if I happened to be in conversation and talking about CDs, and I wanted to be able to refer to this list....

OK, now these are pretty crap reasons. I admit it. But I would like to comment on new CDs as they get bought and I felt that it would be kind of nice to start with something. I also thought that the list would serve as a context to any readers... (ahem....)

The list will be updated as we go along, so CDs that are not bought yet will appear. You never know, some of the details that are currently missing (years) might appear.

Ah... I hope you find it interesting.

Anyway, there you go....

Artist Album

Year Disks Label
10cc The Very Best of

1 Mercury
2Badcard Hustling Ability

1 On-U Sound
2pac Greatest Hits

2 Death Row
50 Cent Get Rich or Die Tryin'

2003 2 Interscope
A Tribe Called Quest People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm

1 Jive

1 Polydor
ABBA More Gold

1 Polydor
AC/DC Back in Black

Adam and the Ants Antbox

3 Columbia
Adam and the Ants Dirk Wears White Sox

1 Columbia
Adeva Adeva!

1 Chrysalis
Adina Howard Do You Wanna Ride

1995 1 East West
Adrian Sherwood Never Trust a Hippy

2003 1 Virgin
African Head Charge My Life in a Hole in the Ground

1981 1 On-U Sound
African Head Charge Off the Beaten Track

1985 1 On-U Sound
African Head Charge Great Vintage Volume 1

1 On-U Sound
African Head Charge Great Vintage Volume 2

1 On-U Sound
African Head Charge Songs of Praise

1 On-U Sound
Agent Provocateur You're No Good EP

1 Epic
Air Moon Safari

1998 1 Source
Air Premiers Symptomes

1999 1 Source
Akabu Warrior Queen

1 On-U Sound
Alasdair Roberts Farewell Sorrow

2003 1 Drag City
Alasdair Roberts No Earthly Man

2005 1 Drag City
Alex Parks Introduction

2003 1 Polydor
Alice Coltrane Journey in Satchidananda

1970 1 Impulse
Alice Coltrane Ptah the El Daoud

1970 1 Impulse
Alice Coltrane Eternity

1976 1 Warner
Alien Ant Farm ANThology

2001 1 SKG
Alien Sex Fiend Fiend at the Controls

1999 2 Cleopatra
Alien Sex Fiend The First Compact Disk

1 Anagram
Alisha's Attic I am, I Feel EP

1 Mercury
Alison Moyet Alf

1 Columbia
All Saints All Saints

1 London
All Saints Pure Shores EP

1 London
America America

1972 1 Warners
America Hat Trick

1972 1 Warner Bros
Amon Tobin Supermodified

1 CD-R
Angels of Light, The New Mother

1998 1 Young God
Animal Collective Sung Tongs

2004 1 Fat Cat
Animal Collective Feels

2005 1 Fat Cat
Animals, The The Best of

Anne Dudley Ancient and Modern

1995 1 Echo
Antony and the Johnsons Antony and the Johnsons

2000 1 Secretly Canadian
Antony and the Johnsons I am a Bird Now

2005 1 Rough Trade
Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 1985-1992

1 Revolver
Aphex Twin Ventolin EP

1 Warp
Arcade Fire, The Funeral

2004 1 Rough Trade
Arcade Fire, The The Arcade Fire EP

2005 1 Rough Trade
Aretha Franklin I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You

1967 1 Atlantic
Aretha Franklin Aretha Now

1968 1 Atlantic
Arlo Guthrie The Best of

1977 1 Warners
Arrested Development 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life of

1 Cooltempo
Art Garfunkel The Best of Art Garfunkel

1998 1 Columbia
Art Garfunkel Breakaway

Art of Noise, The Daft

Arthur Russell The World of Arthur Russell

2004 1 Soul Jazz
Asian Dub Foundation Black White EP

Attica Blues Test, Don't Test

2000 1 Sony
Attica Blues Blueprint EP

1 Mo Wax
Au Pairs, The The Very Best of

1 Cherry Red
Audio Active Return of the Red I

1999 1 Warner Japan
Audio Active Happy Happer

1 On-U Sound
Augustus Pablo East of the River Nile

1 Pablo
Autechre Amber

1994 1 Warp
Autechre Peel Sessions 2

2000 1 Warp
Autechre Chiastic Slide

1 Warp
Autechre EP7

1 Warp
Autechre Incunabula

1 Warp
Auteurs, The Now I'm a Cowboy

1994 1 Hut
B-52's, The The B-52's

1979 1 Island
Baby Bird Ugly Beautiful

1996 1 Echo
Baby Huey Story, The The Living Legend

1970 1 Water
Bananarama Greatest Hits Collection

1999 1 London
Band, The Music From Big Pink

1968 1 Capitol
Bangles, The Greatest Hits

1 Columbia
Barenaked Ladies One Week EP

1 Warners
Barry White Barry White's Greatest Hits

1975 1 Mercury
Basil Kirchin Abstractions of the Industrial North (2005 Reissue)

1966 1 Trunk
Bassomatic Set the Controls For The Heart of the Bass

1 Virgin
Battles EP C/B EP

2006 2 Warp
Bauhaus 1979-1983 Volume One

1 Beggars Banquet
Bauhaus Burning Inside

1 Beggars Banquet
Bauhaus In The Flatfield

1 4AD
Bauhaus Mask

1 Beggars Banquet
Bauhaus Press the Eject and Give Me The Tape

1 Beggars Banquet
Bauhaus The Sky's Gone Out

1 Beggars Banquet
Be Good Tanyas, The Blue Horse

1 Nettwerk
Be Good Tanyas, The Chinatown

1 Nettwerk
Beach Boys, The Sunflower/Surf's Up (2000 Reissue)

1970 1 EMI
Beach Boys, The Pet Sounds

1 Capitol
Beastie Boys, The Sounds of Science

2 Grand Royal
Beastie Boys, The The In Sound From Way Out

1 Grand Royal
Beat, The Beat This

1 Go Feet
Beatles, The Help!

1965 1 Parlophone
Beatles, The Let it Be… Naked

2003 1 Apple
Beatles, The The Beatles (White Album)

2 Parlophone
Beatles, The Abbey Road

1 Parlophone
Beatles, The Let It Be

1 Parlophone
Beatles, The Magical Mystery Tour

1 Parlophone
Beatles, The Past Masters, Volume II

1 Parlophone
Beatles, The Revolver

1 Parlophone
Beatles, The Rubber Soul

1 Parlophone
Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper

1 Parlophone
Beck Loser EP

1994 1 DGC
Beck Odelay

1 Geffen
Bee Gees, The The Very Best of

1 Polydor
Bees, The Sunshine Hit Me

2001 1 We Love You
Bees, The Free the Bees

2004 1 Virgin
Belinda Carlisle The Best of Belinda Volume 1

1992 1 Virgin
Belly King

1 4AD
Belly Star

1 4AD
Ben Harper Like a King EP

Ben Weaver Stories Under Nails

2003 1 Fargo
Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man Out of Season

2002 1 Go-Beat
Beth Orton Central Reservation

1999 1 Heavenly
Beth Orton Best Bit EP

1 Heavenly
Big Black Songs About Fucking

1 Touch and Go
Big Black The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape

1 Blast First
Big Youth Natty Universal Dread 1973-1979

3 Blood & Fire
Big Youth Dreadlocks Dread

1 Virgin
Big Youth Screaming Target

1 Trojan
Bill Fay Bill Fay (2005 Reissue)

1971 1 Eclectic
Bill Fay Time of the Last Persecution (2005 Reissue)

1971 1 Eclectic
Bill Hicks Rant in E-Minor

1 Rykodisc
Bill Hicks The Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1

1 Rykodisc
Billie Holiday The Very Best of

2 Universal
Billy Idol Idol Songs

1 Chrysalis
Bim Sherman It Must Be a Dream

1 On-U Sound
Bim Sherman Across the Red Sea

1 On-U Sound
Bim Sherman (Meets Horace Andy & U Black) In a Rub-a-Dub Style

1 Original Music
Birthday Party, The Hits

1 4AD
Bjork Vespertine

2001 1 One Little Indian
Bjork Debut

1 One Little Indian
Black Wonderful Life EP

1 A&M
Black Box Recorder The Facts of Life

1 Nude
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath

1970 1 Castle
Black Sabbath Paranoid

1970 1 Castle
Black Sabbath Master of Reality

1971 1 Castle
Black Sabbath Vol. 4

1972 1 Castle
Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

1973 1 Castle
Black Sabbath Sabotage

1975 1 Castle
Black Sabbath Technical Ecstacy

1976 1 Castle
Black Sabbath Never Say Die!

1978 1 Castle
Black Sheep Without a Doubt EP

1 Mercury
Black Uhuru The Island Anthology

2 Island
Black-Eyed Peas, The Elephunk

2003 1 A&M
Blanche If We Can't Trust the Doctors…

2004 1 Loose
Blondie Blondie

1977 1 Chrysalis
Blondie Plastic Letters

1977 1 Chrysalis
Blondie Parallel Lines

1978 1 Chrysalis
Blondie Eat to the Beat

1979 1 Chrysalis
Blondie Autoamerican

1980 1 Chrysalis
Blondie The Hunter

1982 1 Chrysalis
Blondie The Complete Picture

1992 1 Chrysalis
Blondie Blonde and Beyond

1996 1 Chrysalis
Bloodhound Gang, The Hooray for Boobies

2000 1 Geffen
Blow Monkeys, The The Masters

1 Eagle
Blue Oyster Cult Secret Treaties (2001 Reissue)

1974 1 Sony
Blueboy, The Remember Me EP

Blur The Best of

1 Parlophone
Boards of Canada The Campfire Headphase

2005 1 Warp
Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

1962 1 Columbia
Bob Dylan Another Side of Bob Dylan (SACD)

1963 1 Columbia
Bob Dylan Bringing It All Back Home

1965 1 Columbia
Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde (SACD)

1966 2 Columbia
Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited

1966 1 Columbia
Bob Dylan Greatest Hits

1967 1 Columbia
Bob Dylan John Wesley Harding

1968 1 Columbia
Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline

1969 1 Columbia
Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks (SACD)

1974 1 Columbia
Bob Dylan Planet Waves

1974 1 Columbia
Bob Dylan Desire

1975 1 Columbia
Bob Dylan Live 1966: The 'Royal Albert Hall' Concert

1985 2 Columbia
Bob Dylan Oh Mercy!

1989 1 Columbia
Bob Dylan Time Out of Mind

1997 1 Columbia
Bob Dylan Love and Theft

2001 1 Columbia
Bob James That Steamin' Feelin'

2 Snapper
Bob James Heads

1 Tappan Zee
Bob Marley & The Wailers Burnin'

1 Island
Bob Marley & The Wailers Exodus

1 Island
Bob Marley & The Wailers Kaya

1 CD-R
Body Lovers Number One of Three/ Body Haters

1998 2 Young God
Bone Thugs and Harmony East 1999 Eternal

1 Ruthless
Bongwater The Big Sell Out

1992 1 Shimmy Disc
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Blue Lotus Feet

1998 1 Domino
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy I See a Darkness

1999 1 Domino
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Get on Jolly (with The Marquis de Tren)

2000 1 Palace Records
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Ease Down the Road

2001 2 Domino
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Happy Child (with Tweaker) / Forest Time

2003 1 Drag City
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Master and Everyone

2003 1 Domino
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy No More Workhouse Blues EP

2004 1 Domino
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Sings Greatest Palace Music

2004 1 Domino
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy I Gave You (with Matt Sweeney)

2005 1 Drag City
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Summer in the Southeast

2005 1 Sea Note
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Superwolf (with Matt Sweeney)

2005 1 Domino
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy The Brave and the Bold (with Tortoise)

2006 1 Overcoat
Boyz II Men Motownphilly EP

1 Motown
Bridget St.John Ask Me No Questions (2005 Reissue)

1969 1 Dandelion
Bridget St.John Songs for the Gentle Man (2005 Reissue)

1971 1 Dandelion
Bridget St.John Thank You For…(2005 Reissue)

1972 1 Dandelion
Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

2005 1 Saddle Creek
Brigitte Bardot And God Created… BB

Britney Spears …Baby One More Time

1999 1 Zomba
Britney Spears Britney

2001 1 Zomba
Britney Spears In the Zone

2003 1 Zomba
Broadcast Come On Let's Go EP

2000 1 Warp
Broadcast Extended Play Two EP

2000 1 Warp
Broadcast Ha Ha Sound

2003 1 Warp
Brooklyn Funk Essentials Make Them Like It

1 Shanachie
Bruce Springsteen Born to Run

1975 1 Columbia
Bruce Springsteen Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ

1975 1 CBS
Bruce Springsteen The River

1980 2 Columbia
Bruce Springsteen Nebraska

1982 1 Columbia
Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA

1984 1 Columbia
Bruce Springsteen The Rising

1997 1 Columbia
Bryan Ferry Mamouna EP

1 Virgin
Buck 65 Square

1 Warners
Buffy Sainte-Marie Illuminations

1969 1 Vanguard
Bunny Wailer Blackheart Man

1 CD-R
Burning Spear Marcus Garvey/Garvey's Ghost

1975 1 Island
Burning Spear Spear Burning

1975 1 Pressure Sounds
Bushfire Traditional Aborginal Music

1 Arc
Bushman Nyah Man Chant

1 Greensleeves
Butthole Surfers Psychic.. Powerless.. Another Man's Sac

1985 1 Fundamental
Butthole Surfers Rembrandt Pussyhorse

1986 1 RRE
Butthole Surfers Hairway to Steven

1988 1 Blast First
Butthole Surfers Pee Pee the Sailor Man/Live PCPPEP

2003 1 Latino Bugger
Butthole Surfers Locust Abortion Technician

1 Blast First
Buzzcocks, The Singles - Going Steady

1 Liberty
Byrds, The Mr. Tambourine Man

1965 1 Sony
Byrds, The Turn, Turn, Turn

1965 1 Sony
Byrds, The Fifth Dimension

1966 1 Sony
Byrds, The Younger Than Yesterday

1966 1 Sony
Byrds, The Notorious Byrd Brothers

1967 1 Sony
Byrds, The Super Hits

1998 1 Columbia
Byrds, The Sweetheart of the Rodeo

1 Columbia
C Cat Trance Karadara

2005 1 Cherry Red
C.J. Bolland Sugar is Sweeter EP

1 Internal
Cabaret Voltaire Listen Up With

2 Mute
Cabaret Voltaire Red Mecca

1 Mute
Cabaret Voltaire The Living Legends

1 Mute
Caitlin Cary Waltzie

2000 1 Yep Roc
Calexico Feast of Wire

2003 1 City Slang
Calexico The Black Light

1 City Slang
Can Tago Mago

1971 1 Spoon
Can Ege Bamyasi

1972 1 Spoon
Candi Staton Candi Staton

2004 1 Honest Jon
Canned Heat The Very Best of

Capleton The Very Best of

1 Jetstar
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band The Spotlight Kid/ Clear Spot

1972 1 Reprise
Cardigans, The Gran Turismo

1 Stockholm
Carole King Tapestry

1 Epic
Carter Family, The 1927-1934 Collected Works

2003 5 JSP
Carter Family, The 1935-1941 Collected Works

2003 5 JSP
CASE Touch Me Tease Me EP

1 Def Jam
Cat Power You Are Free

2003 1 Matador
Cat Power The Greatest

2006 1 Matador
Charles Mingus Mingus Ah-Um

1 Columbia
Charles Mingus Mingus Dynasty

1 Columbia
Charles Mingus The Complete Town Hall Concert

1 Blue Note
Chemical Brothers, The Setting Sun EP

1 Virgin
Chic C'est Chic

1 Atlantic
Chic Everybody Dance

1 Rhino
Chic Risque

1 Atlantic
Chicago III

1971 1 Rhino
Chicago X

1976 1 Rhino
Children of the Bong Sirius Sounds

1 CD-R
Chris Smither Honeysuckle Dog (2004 Reissue)

1973 1 Heavenly
Clash, The London Calling

1979 1 Columbia
Clash, The Sandinista

2 Sony
Clash, The The Story of

Coco Rosie Noah's Ark

2005 1 Touch and Go
CocoRosie La Maison de Mon Reve

2004 1 Touch and Go
Cocteau Twins The BBC Sessions

Cocteau Twins Blue Bell Knoll

1 4AD
Cocteau Twins The Pink Opaque

1 4AD
Cocteau Twins Treasure

1 4AD
Cocteau Twins Victorialand

1 4AD
Cocteau Twins, The Tiny Dynamite/ Echoes in a Shallow Bay

1985 1 4AD
Coil The Hellraiser Themes

1987 1 Torso
Coil The Golden Hare with a Voice of Silver

2002 2 Eskaton
Communards, The Communards

1 London
Comus Song to Comus: The Complete Recordings

2005 2 Castle
Cornershop When I Was Born For the 7th Time

1997 1 Willja
Country Joe & The Fish The First Three Eps

1992 1 Sequel
Cramps, The A Date With Elvis

1 Big Beat
Cramps, The Off the Bone

Cramps, The Psychedelic Jungle

Cramps, The Songs the Lord Taught Us

Cranberries, The Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We?

1 Island
Cranberries, The No Need to Argue

1 Island
Crass Penis Envy

1 Corpus Christi
Crass Stations of the Crass

1 Corpus Christi
Creation Rebel Rebel Vibrations

1978 1 Beat Dis
Creation Rebel Dub from Creation

1979 1 Beat Dis
Creation Rebel Starship Africa

1980 1 Beat Dis
Creation Rebel Lows & Highs

1 On-U Sound
Creation Rebel Psychotic Jonkanoo

1 On-U Sound
Creation Rebel (with New Age Steppers) Threat to Creation

1 On-U Sound
Crosby, Stills & Nash Crosby, Stills & Nash

1969 1 Atlantic
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young déjà vu

1970 1 Warners
Crusaders, The Street Life

1979 1 MCA
Cult, The Love

1 Beggars Banquet
Culture Harder Than the Rest

1 Virgin
Cure, The Seventeen Seconds

1980 1 Fiction
Cure, The Faith (Reissue)

1981 2 Polydor
Cure, The Pornography

1982 1 Fiction
Cure, The Japanese Whispers

1983 1 Fiction
Cure, The Concert - The Cure Live

1984 1 Fiction
Cure, The The Top

1984 1 Fiction
Cure, The Boys Don't Cry

1 Fiction
Curtis Mayfield A Man Like Curtis

Curtis Mayfield Give It Up: Best of the Curtom Years

1 Music Club
Cymande The Message

1999 2 Castle
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill

1 Columbia
Czars, The The Ugly People vs. The Beautiful People

2001 1 Belladonna
Czars, The Goodbye

2004 1 Bella Union
Czars, The Sorry I Made You Cry

2006 1 Bella Union
Damned, The Machine Gun Etiquette

1 Big Beat
Damned, The The Best of

1 Damned
Damon & Naomi With Ghost

2000 1 Subpop
Damon & Naomi The Earth is Blue

2005 1 20/20/20
Dani Siciliano Likes…

2004 1 K7
Darlesia Everlasting EP

1996 1 WEA
Dave Brubeck The Very Best of

1 Columbia
David Bowie Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars: Motion Picture Soundtrack (2003 Reissue)

1972 2 EMI
David Bowie Heroes

1977 1 EMI
David Bowie LiveandWell.Com

2000 2 Bowienet
David Bowie Sound & Vision

2003 4 EMI
David Bowie Heathen

David Bowie The Best of Bowie

David Bowie Aladdin Sane

David Bowie Diamond Dogs

David Bowie Hunky Dory

David Bowie Let's Dance

David Bowie Lodger

David Bowie Low

David Bowie Scary Monsters

David Bowie Space Oddity

David Bowie The Man Who Sold the World

David Bowie Young Americans

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust

David Crosby If I Could Only Remember My Name…

1971 1 Atlantic
David Crosby Oh Yes I Can

1989 1 A&M
David Sylvian The Good Son vs. the Only Daughter

2004 1 Samadhisound
David Sylvian Snow Borne Sorrow (as Nine Horses)

2005 1 Samadhisound
David Sylvian Gone to Earth

2 Virgin
David Sylvian Alchemy: An Index of Possibilities

1 Virgin
David Sylvian Approaching Silence

1 Virgin
David Sylvian Blemish

1 Samadhisound
David Sylvian Brilliant Trees

1 Virgin
David Sylvian Dead Bees on a Cake

1 Virgin
David Sylvian Plight and Premonition

1 Virgin
David Sylvian Secrets of the Beehive

1 Virgin
David Sylvian The First Day

1 Virgin
Davy Graham Folk, Blues and Beyond (2005 Reissue)

1965 1 Fledg'ling
Davy Graham & Shirley Collins Folk Roots, New Routes (2005 Reissue)

1964 1 Fledg'ling
Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist

1985 1 PHD
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

2 Cherry Red
Dead Kennedys Plastic Surgery Disasters

1 Alternative Tentacles
Dead or Alive Highlights

1 CD-R
Death Cult Death Cult

1983 1 Situation Two
Debussy The Orchestral Music

2 Maestro
Deep Purple 30: The Best of

1998 1 EMI
Definition of Sound Can I Get Over EP

1 Circa
Definition of Sound Love and Life

1 Circa
Del tha Funky Homosapien No Need For Alarm

1993 1 Elektra
Denis Leary No Cure For Cancer

1993 1 A&M
Dennis Brown Visions

1988 1 Shanachie
Dennis Brown Tracks of Life

2 Snapper
Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion

1993 1 Mute
Depeche Mode Black Celebration

1 Mute
Depeche Mode Music for the Masses

1 Mute
Depth Charge Nine Deadly Venoms

1994 1 Vinyl Solution
Depth Charge Legend of the Golden Snake EP

1995 1 DC
Derek and the Dominoes Layla

1970 1 Polydor
dEUS Worst Case Scenario

1994 1 Island
Diana Ross & The Supremes 40 Golden Motown Greats

2 Motown
Dido No Angel

1 Arista
Dif Juz Extractions

1981 1 4AD
Dif Juz Soundpool*

1981 1 4AD
Dillinger CB 200

1976 1 Island
D-Influence Good Lover EP

1 East West
Dionne Farris I Know EP

1 Columbia
Dire Straits Alchemy

1984 2 Vertigo
Dire Straits Love Over Gold

1 Vertigo
Dirty Three Cinder

2005 1 Bella Union
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury

1992 1 Island
DJ Kool Let Me Clear My Throat EP

1 Def Jam
DJ Shadow Endtroducing

1 Mo Wax
DJ Shadow High Noon EP

1 Mo Wax
Donald Byrd Black Byrd

1 Blue Note
Donna Summer Love to Love You Baby

1 Casablanca
Donna Summer The Dance Collection

1 Casablanca
Donovan Sunshine Superman

1966 1 EMI
Donovan Mellow Yellow

1967 1 EMI
Doors, The L.A. Woman

1 Elektra
Doors, The Morrison Hotel

1 Elektra
Doors, The Strange Days

1 Elektra
Doors, The The Doors

1 Elektra
Doors, The Waiting for the Sun

1 Elektra
Doug Wimbush Trippy Notes for Bass

1999 1 On-U Sound
Doves The Last Broadcast

2002 1 Heavenly
Doves Lost Souls

1 Heavenly
Dr. Alimantado Best Dressed Chicken in Town

1 Keyman
Dr. Alimantado The King's Bread

1 Keyman
Dr. Alimantado The Privileged Few

1 Keyman
Dr. Alimantado Wonderful Time

1 Keyman
Dr. Dre The Chronic

1992 1 Interscope
Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show Greatest Hits

1 Columbia
Dr. John In the Right Place

1973 1 ATCO
Dr. John Mos Scoscious: Anthology

2 Rhino
Dr. John Babylon

Dr. John Desitively Bonnaroo

Dr. John Gris-Gris

Dr. John The Sun, Moon and Herbs

Dr. John Woman is the Root of all Evil

1 Yeaah
Dr. Robert Realms of Gold

2000 1 Fencat
Dreadzone Life, Love & Unity EP

1 Virgin
Dreadzone Little Britain EP

1 Virgin
Dreadzone Maximum EP

1 Virgin
Dub Syndicate Pounding Systems

1982 1 On-U Sound
Dub Syndicate One Way System

1983 1 On-U Sound
Dub Syndicate North of the River Thames

1984 1 On-U Sound
Dub Syndicate Classic Selection Vol. 1

1989 1 On-U Sound
Dub Syndicate Classic Selection Vol. 2

1991 1 On-U Sound
Dub Syndicate Echomania

1994 1 On-U Sound
Dub Syndicate Research & Development

1996 1 On-U Sound
Dub Syndicate Acres of Space

2001 1 Lion & Roots
Dubliners, The The Definitive Transatlantic Collection

1 Transatlantic
Dubstar Anywhere EP

Duran Duran Duran Duran

Duran Duran The Wedding Album

Dusty Springfield The Look of Love: The Greatest Love Songs

2004 2 Universal
Earth Hex

2005 1 Southern Lord
Earth, Wind & Fire Earth, Wind & Fire

Echo and the Bunnymen Crocodiles

1980 1 Warners
Echo and the Bunnymen Heaven Up Here

1981 1 Warners
Echo and the Bunnymen Porcupines

1982 1 Warners
Echo and the Bunnymen Ocean Rain

1984 1 Warners
Echo and the Bunnymen Echo and the Bunnymen

1985 1 Warners
Echoboy Echoboy

1999 1 Mute
Echoboy Francis Says EP

1999 1 Mute
Echoboy Volume One

2000 1 Mute
Echoboy Volume Two

2000 1 Mute

Eddie Henderson Sunburst

1975 1 Blue Note
Edgar Allen Poe Closed on Account of Rabies

1997 2 Mercury
Eek-a-mouse Mouseketeer

1985 1 Greensleeves
Eek-a-Mouse Wa-Do-Dem

1 Greensleeves
Efua Down is the Drop EP

1 Virgin
Elastica Elastica

1 Deceptive
Electribe 101 Electribal Memories

1 Mercury
Elliot Smith Either/Or

1997 1 Domino
Elliot Smith XO

1998 1 Dreamworks
Elliot Smith From a Basement on the Hill

2004 1 Domino
Elton John The Very Best of

2 Phonogram
Elvis Costello The King of America

2 Demon
Elvis Costello The Very Best of

2 Universal
Elvis Presley 30 #1

Emiliana Torrini Fisherman's Woman

2004 1 Rough Trade
Emiliana Torrini Love in the Time of Science

1 Virgin
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP

2000 1 Interscope
Emmylou Harris Elite Hotel

1975 1 Warners
Emmylou Harris Luxury Liner

1977 1 Warners
Emmylou Harris Wrecking Ball

1995 1 Elektra
En Vogue Give It Up, Turn it Loose EP

1 East West
Enigma The Cross of Changes

1993 1 Virgin
Ennio Morricone The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

1985 1 EMI
Ennio Morricone A Fistful of Sounds

1999 2 BMG
Erasure Pop

1 Mute
Eric Burdon/WAR Eric Burdon declares 'WAR'

1970 1 Avenue
Eric Demarsan L'Armee des Ombres

1969 1 Universal
Erykah Badu Baduism

1 Universal
Espers Espers

2003 1 Locust
Espers The Weed Tree

2005 1 Locust
Espiritu Baby I Wanna Live EP

1 Heavenly
Eugene McDaniels Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse/Outlaw

1 Atlantic
Eurythmics, The Be Yourself Tonight

Eurythmics, The Greatest Hits

Eurythmics, The In the Garden

Everything but the Girl Walking Wounded

1996 1 Sony
Fairport Convention Fairport Convention

1968 1 Island
Fairport Convention Liege and Lief

1969 1 Island
Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking

1969 1 Island
Fairport Convention What We Did in Our Holidays

1969 1 Island
Fairport Convention Full House

1970 1 Island
Fairport Convention Hey Day

2002 1 Island
Fall, The 844589 A-Sides

1990 1 Beggars Banquet
Fatback Band, The Fatbackin'

2 Perception
Fatback Band, The Night Fever

1 Ace
Fatback Band, The With Love

1 Ace
Fatboy Slim You've Come a Long Way Baby

1 Skint
Fields of the Nephilim Dawnrazor

1987 1 Situation Two
Flaming Lips, The The Soft Bulletin

1999 1 Warners
Flaming Lips, The Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

2002 1 Warners
Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac

1975 1 Reprise
Fleetwood Mac Rumours*

1977 2 Warners
Fleetwood Mac Tusk

1979 1 Warners
Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night

1987 1 Warners
Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits

Fluke Absurd EP

1997 1 Circa
Flying Burrito Brothers, The The Gilded Palace of Sin

1 Edsel
Fotheringay Fotheringay

1970 1 Fledg'ling
France Gall Poupee de Son

1992 1 Polydor
Francoise Hardy Comment Te Dire Adieu

1968 1 Virgin
Francoise Hardy Soleil

1970 1 Virgin
Francoise Hardy La Question

1971 1 Virgin
Francoise Hardy Et si Je M'en Vais Avant Toi

1972 1 Virgin
Francoise Hardy The Vogue Years

2001 2 BMG
Francoise Hardy Tant de Belles Chose

2004 1 Virgin
Frank Sinatra Songs For Swingin' Lovers

1 Capitol
Frank Zappa Hot Rats

1 Ryko
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Freakwater Old Paint

1995 1 City Slang
Fred Locks Never Give Up

1 Jetstar
Fugazi 13 Songs

1 Dischord
Fugees, The Blunted on Reality

1994 1 Sony
Fugees, The Bootleg Versions

1 Columbia
Fugees, The The Score

1 Columbia
Fun Boy Three Fame

1980 1 EMI
Fun Boy Three Waiting

1982 1 EMI
Fun Lovin' Criminals Come Find Yourself

1996 1 Chrysalis
Fun Lovin' Criminals I'm Not in Love EP

1 Chrysalis
Funkadelic Music For Your Mother: Funkadelic 45s

2 Westbound
Funkadelic Funkadelic

1 Westbound
Future Sound of London Far-out Son of Lung EP

1 Virgin
Future Sound of London Papua New Guinea EP

1 Jumpin' & Pumpin'
FYT A Mass of Contradictions

2 CD-R
Gang of Four A Brief History of the Twentieth Century

2004 1 EMI
Gang of Four Entertainment!

Gang Starr Step in the Arena

1991 1 Chrysalis
Garbage Garbage

1995 1 Mushroom
Gary Clail/On-U Sound System End of the Century Party

1 On-U Sound
Gary Higgins Red Hash (2005 Reissue)

1973 1 Drag City
Gary Numan Jagged Halo

2 Universal
Gato Barbieri Last Tango in Paris

1969 1 Varese Sarabande
Gato Barbieri Greatest Hits

1 A&M
Gavin Bryars The Sinking of the Titanic/ Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

1975 1 Virgin
Gavin Bryars Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (with Tom Waits)

1996 1 Point
Gene Clark No Other

1974 1 Elektra
Gene Clark Echoes

1991 1 Columbia
Genesis Turn It On Again: The Hits

1 Virgin
George Harrison All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversay Ed.)

2001 2 Parlophone
George Winston Linus & Lucy

Geto Boys Greatest Hits

1 Rap-a-Lot
Geto Boys, The The Geto Boys

1990 1 Rap-a-Lot
Ghetto Priest Vulture Culture

2003 1 On-U Sound
Ghost Ghost

1990 1 Drag City
Ghost Hypnotic Underground

2004 1 Drag City
Gil Scott Heron The First Minute of a New Day

1 Rumal-Gia
Gil Scott Heron The Revoution Will Not Be Televised

Gil Scott Heron Winter in America

1 Strata East
Gillian Welch Revival

1996 1 Acony
Gillian Welch Hell Among the Yearlings

1998 1 Acony
Gillian Welch Time (The Revelator)

2001 1 WEA
Gillian Welch Soul Journey

2003 1 Acony
Girls Aloud Sound of the Underground

2003 1 Polydor
Golden Virgins, The Songs of Praise

2004 1 XL
Goldfrapp Felt Mountain

2000 1 Mute
Goldfrapp Black Cherry

2003 1 Mute
Goldie Timeless (Limited Edition)

Goodie Mob Soul Food

1995 1 La Face
Gorillaz Gorillaz

2001 1 Parlophone
Grace Jones The Compass Point Sessions

1998 2 Island
Grace Jones Living My Life

1 Island
Grace Jones Nightclubbing

1 Island
Grace Jones Portfolio

1 Island
Grace Jones Warm Leatherette

1 Island
Gram Parsons GP/Grevious Angel

1973 1 Reprise
Gravenhurst Black Holes in the Sand

2004 1 Warp
Grey DeLisle The Graceful Ghost

2004 1 Sugarhill
Grey DeLisle Iron Flowers

2005 1 Sugarhill
Guru Guru's Jazzmatazz Volume 1

1993 1 Chrysalis
Guru Guru's Jazzmatazz Volume 2: A New Reality

1995 1 Chrysalis
Handsome Boy Modelling School So… How's Your Girl?

1 Tommy Boy
Handsome Family, The Through the Trees

1998 1 Carrot Top
Handsome Family, The Twilight

2001 1 Innerstate
Handsome Family, The Singing Bones

2003 1 Carrot Top
Hans-Joachim Roedelius Lunz/Lunz Reinterpretations

2004 2 Gronland
Harmonia Deluxe (2004 Reissue)

1975 1 Universal
Harold Budd Lovely Thunder

1 Virgin
Harold Budd & Brian Eno The Plateaux of Mirrors

1 Virgin
Hayden Elk Lake Serenade

2004 1 Loose
Hazel O'Connor Breaking Glass

1 Spectrum
Headly Bennett 35 Years From Alpha

1 On-U Sound
Heads, The Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness EP

Heaven 17 The Luxury Gap

Herbie Hancock Headhunters

1975 1 Columbia
Holly Golightly My First Holly Golightly Album

2005 1 Damaged Goods
Holmes Brothers, The Speaking in Tongues

2001 1 Alligator
Horace Andy The Prime of

1 Music Club
Hot Chocolate Best of the 70s

1 Disky
Hot Chocolate Greatest Hits

Howlin' Wolf The Collection

2000 1 Spectrum
Human League, The Dare

1 Virgin
Human League, The Greatest Hits

1 Virgin
Human League, The Reproduction

1 Virgin
Human League, The Travelogue

1 Virgin
Hybrid If I Survive EP

1999 1 Distinctive
Hybrid Wide Angle

1999 1 Distinctive
Hybrid Remix and Additional Production by…

2001 1 Distinctive
Ice Cube Death Certificate

1991 1 Capitol
Iggy Pop The Idiot

1 Virgin
Imani Coppola Chupcabra

1997 1 Sony
Ini Kamoze Here Comes the Hotstepper

1995 1 Sony
Inner City Paradise

1 10
Innocence Belief

1990 1 Cool Tempo
Innocence Build EP

1 Cooltempo
Innocence I'll Be There EP

1 Cooltempo
Iron and Wine The Creek Drank the Cradle

2002 1 Subpop
Iron and Wine The Sea and the Rhythm

2003 1 Subpop
Iron and Wine Our Endless Numbered Days

2004 1 Subpop
Iron and Wine Woman King

2004 1 Subpop
Iron and Wine & Calexico In the Reins

2005 1 Touch and Go
Isabelle Adjani Isabelle Adjani

1983 1 Philips
Islam Music in the World of Islam: Reeds & Bagpipes/Drums and Rhythms

1976 1 Tangent
Islam Music in the World of Islam: The Human Voice/Lutes

1976 1 Tangent
Isley Brothers Forever Gold

1 Epic
Issac Hayes Shaft: Original Soundtrack

1978 1 Stax
Issac Hayes Black Moses

2 Stax
Issac Hayes Super Ike's Beats

1 Stax
Jackie Mittoo The Keyboard King at Studio One

2000 1 Universal Sound
Jacques Brel Greatest Hits

1 Duchese
Jade Everyday of the Week EP

1 Giant
Jah Woosh Gathering Israel

1 Original Music
Jam, The Beat Surrender

1 Spectrum
James Brown The Very Best of

1 Universal
Jamiroquai Blow Your Mind EP

1 Sony
Jamiroquai Emergency on Planet Earth EP

1 Sony
Jan Jelinak Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records

2001 1 ~Scape
Jane Birkin Arabesque

2002 1 Capitol
Jane Birkin Rendez-vous

2004 1 Capitol
Jane Birkin Jane B.

3 Philips
Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking

1 Warners
Janet Jackson Design of a Decade (1986-1996)

1 A&M
Janis Joplin Greatest Hits

1973 1 Columbia
Japan Adolescent Sex (re-issue)

1978 1 BMG
Japan Obscure Alternatives (re-issue)

1978 1 BMG
Japan Quiet Life (re-issue)

1979 1 BMG
Japan Gentlemen Prefer Polaroids (re-issue)

1980 1 Virgin
Japan Tin Drum (re-issue)

1981 2 Virgin
Japan Oil on Canvas

1983 1 Virgin
Javanese Court Gamelan Javanese Court Gamelan (1991 Reissue)

1971 1 Elektra
Jean Knight Mr. Big Stuff

1990 1 Stax
Jean-Claude Vannier L'enfant Assassin des Mouches (2005 Reissue)

1972 1 Finders Keepers
Jefferson Airplane Takes Off… (remastered)

1966 1 RCA
Jefferson Airplane After Bathing at Baxter's

1967 1 RCA
Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow (remastered)

1967 1 RCA
Jefferson Airplane Crown of Creation (remastered)

1968 1 RCA
Jefferson Airplane Bless Its Pointed Little Head (remastered)

1969 1 RCA
Jefferson Airplane The Best of

1996 1 BMG
Jensen Barbieri Karn Seed

1994 1 Medium
Jim O'Rourke Eureka

1999 1 Domino
Jim White Wrong Eyed Jesus

1997 1 Warners
Jimi Hendrix First Rays of the New Rising Sun

1997 1 MCA
Jimi Hendrix South Saturn Delta

1997 1 MCA
Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Axis: Bold as Love

1967 1 MCA
Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Are You Experienced?

Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Electric Ladyland

Joe Harriott & John Mayer Double Quintet Indo-Jazz Fusions 1 & 2

1968 1 Redial
Joe Jackson Night and Day

1982 1 A&M
Joe Jackson Body and Soul

1 A&M
Joe Pernice Big Tobacco

2000 1 Glitterhouse
John Barry Themeology: The Best of

1997 1 Columbia
John Cale Paris 1919

1973 1 Reprise
John Cale Fear

1974 1 Island
John Cale Close Watch: An Introduction to

1 Island
John Cale Sabotage (Live)

1 Diesel Motor
John Coltrane Blue Train

1957 1 Blue Note
John Coltrane A Love Supreme

1965 1 MCA
John Fahey Death Chants, Breakdowns and Military Waltzes

1967 1 Takoma
John Lennon Plastic Ono Band

1970 1 EMI
John Lennon Imagine

1971 1 EMI
John Lennon Mind Games

1973 1 EMI
John Lennon Shaved Fish

1975 1 EMI
John Lennon Anthology

1998 4 Capitol
John Lydon Sun EP

1998 1 Virgin
John Martyn Sweet Little Mysteries: Island Anthology

1994 2 Island
Johnny Cash Live at Folsum Prison

1968 1 Columbia
Johnny Cash Live at San Quentin

1969 1 Columbia
Johnny Cash American Recordings

1994 1 Def Jam
Johnny Cash American Recordings III: Solitary Man

2000 1 Def Jam
Johnny Cash The Sun Years Vol. 1

2000 1 SAAR
Johnny Cash American Recordings IV: The Man Comes Around

2002 1 Def Jam
Johnny Cash Cash Unearthed

2003 5 American
Johnny Clark Dreader Dread 1976-1978

1998 1 Blood & Fire
Johnny Harris Movements

1 Warners
Jolie Holland Catalpa

2003 1 Anti
Jolie Holland Escondida

2004 1 Anti
Jonathan and Leigh Third and Main

1967 1 Vanguard
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers Roadrunner, Roadrunner: The Beserkley Collection

2004 2 Sanctuary
Josh Rouse & Kurt Wagner Chester

1999 1 Rykodisc
Joy Division Heart and Soul

1997 4 London
Joy Division Still

1 Factory
Judee Sill Judee Sill (2003 Reissue)

1971 1 Rhino Handmade
Judee Sill Heart Food (2003 Reissue)

1973 1 Rhino Handmade
Judee Sill Dreams Come True

2005 2 Water
Juliette Greco Jolie Mome

2001 1 Delta
June Tabor An Echo of Hooves

2003 1 Topic
Junior Byles Beat Down Babylon: The Upsetter Years

1 Trojan
Kate & Anna McGarrigle Kate & Anna McGarrigle

1975 1 Warner Bros
Kate Bush Kick Inside

1978 1 EMI
Kate Bush Hounds of Love

1985 1 EMI
KC & the Sunshine Band The Very Best of

Kelley Stoltz Antique Glow

2003 1 Beautiful Happiness
Kid Loco Blues Project

1996 1 East West
Killing Joke Laugh! I Nearly Bought One

1992 1 EG
King Tubby Dub Like Dirt 1975-1977

1999 1 Blood & Fire
King Tubby Firehouse Revolution: Productions in the Digital Era

2001 1 Pressure Sounds
King Tubby King Tubby meets Roots Radics

1 Greensleeves
Kinks, The Something Else

1967 1 Castle
Kinks, The The Village Green Preservation Society

1968 1 Castle
Kinks, The Arthur, or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire

1969 1 Castle
Kinks, The The Days EP

1 Castle
Kirstin Hersh Your Ghost EP

1994 1 4AD
Kirsty MacColl Galore

1 Virgin
Kirsty MacColl Kite

1 Virgin
KMFDM Naïve: Hell To Go

1993 1 Wax Trax
Kool & the Gang The Funk Collection

1 Universal
Kool & the Gang Wild and Peaceful

1 Mercury
Kool and the Gang Good Times

1972 1 Mercury
Kraftwerk Trans-Europe Express

1977 1 Capitol
Kraftwerk The Man Machine

1978 1 Capitol
Kylie Minogue Ultimate Kylie

2004 2 EMI
Ladysmith Black Mambazo Spirit of South Africa

1997 1 Nascente
Laibach Anthems

2004 2 Mute
Lambchop Thriller

1997 1 City Slang
Lambchop What Another Man Spills

1998 1 City Slang
Lambchop Nixon

2000 1 City Slang
Lambchop Is a Woman

2002 2 City Slang
Lambchop Aw Cmon

2004 1 City Slang
Lambchop Noyou Cmon

2004 1 City Slang
Larry Young Lawrence of Newark

1973 1 Perception
Laura Nyro The First Songs

1967 1 Columbia
Laura Nyro Christmas and the Beads of Sweat

1970 1 Columbia
Laura Nyro Smile

1976 1 Columbia
Laura Nyro Eli & the 13th Confession

2002 1 Sony
Laura Nyro Gonna Take a Miracle

2002 1 Sony
Laura Nyro New York Tendaberry

2002 1 Sony
Lauryn Hill The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

1 Columbia
LCD Soundsystem LCD Soundsystem

2005 2 EMI
Leather Nun, The Force of Habit

1987 1 Wire
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin

1969 1 Atlantic
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II

1970 1 Atlantic
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III

1972 1 Atlantic
Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy

1973 1 Atlantic
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV

1973 1 Atlantic
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti

1974 2 Swan Song
Lee 'Scratch' Perry Arkology

3 Island
Lee 'Scratch' Perry Live at the Maritime Hall

1 2B1
Lee 'Scratch' Perry The Original Super Ape

1 CD-R
Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Dub Syndicate Time Boom x De Devil Dead

1 On-U Sound
Leftfield Leftism

1 Columbia
Leon Thomas Anthology

1 Soul Brother
Leonard Cohen Live Songs

1973 1 Columbia
Leonard Cohen New Skin for the Old Ceremony

1974 1 Columbia
Leonard Cohen Recent Songs

1979 1 Columbia
Leonard Cohen Various Positions

1984 1 Columbia
Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man

1988 1 Columbia
Leonard Cohen Ten New Songs

2001 1 Columbia
Leonard Cohen Dear Heather

2004 1 Columbia
Leonard Cohen Songs from a Room

1 Columbia
Leonard Cohen Songs of

1 Columbia
Leonard Cohen Songs of Love and Hate

1 Columbia
Lightning Seeds, The Like You Do… (Best of)

1 Epic
Lilium Transmission Of All Goodbyes

2000 1 Glitterhouse
Lilium Short Stories

2003 1 Glitterhouse
Limp Bizkit Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water

2 Interscope
Linda Perhacs Parallelograms (2005 Reissue)

1970 1 The Wild Places
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory

1 Warners
Linkin Park Meteora

1 Warners
Linton Kwesi Johnson Independent Intavenshan: The Island Anthology

2 Island
Linton Kwesi Johnson Dread Beat An' Blood

1 Virgin
Little Feat Sailin' Shoes

1972 1 Warner Bros
Lloyd Cole The Negatives

2000 1 XIII Bis
Lloyd Cole Lloyd Cole

1990 1 Polydor
Lloyd Cole & the Commotions Easy Pieces

1985 1 Polydor
Lloyd Cole & the Commotions Mainstream

1987 1 Polydor
Lloyd Cole & the Commotions Rattlesnakes

1 Polydor
Lone Justice Shelter

1 Geffen
Lonnie Liston Smith Expansions

Loop The World in Your Eyes

1987 1 Reactor
Loop A Gilded Eternity

1990 1 Situation Two
Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose

2004 1 Interscope
Lou Reed Legendary

Lou Reed Transformer

Love Forever Changes

1967 1 Elektra
Loved Ones, the The Loved Ones' Magic Box

1989 1 Raven
Lush Mad Love EP

1 4AD
Lush Sear EP

1 4AD
Madness One Step Beyond

1 Virgin
Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor

2005 1 Warner Bros.
Madonna GHV2

1 Warners
Madonna Like a Virgin

1 Sire
Madonna The First Album

1 Sire
Madonna The Immaculate Collection

1 Sire
Magazine Maybe Its Right To Be Nervous Now

3 Virgin
Major Force West 93-97

1999 1 Mo Wax
Malcolm McLaren Buffalo Gals: Back to Skool

1998 1 Virgin
Mamas and Papas, The The Best of

Mano Negra Best of

1998 1 Virgin
Mantronix The Best of

1 Virgin
Manu Chao Clandestino

1998 1 Virgin
Manu Chao Esperanza

2001 1 Virgin
Manuel Gottsching E2-E4 (1992 Reissue)

1981 1 Spalax
Marc & The Mambas Torment & Toreros

1983 1 CD-R
Marc Almond A Virgin's Tale - Volume II

1992 1 Virgin
Marc Almond Open All Night

1999 1 Blue Star
Marc Almond Vermine in Ermine

1 Phonogram
Marillion Real to Reel/Brief Encounter

1997 2 EMI
Marillion Script for a Jester's Tear

Marilyn Manson The Beautiful People EP

1 Interscope
Marilyn Manson The Dope Show EP

1 Interscope
Mark Stewart Learning to Cope With Cowardice

1983 1 On-U Sound
Mark Stewart As the Veneer of Democracy Begins To Fade

1985 1 Mute
Mark Stewart Metatron

1990 1 Mute
Mark Stewart Control Data

1996 1 Mute
Mars Volta, The De-loused in the Crematorium

2003 1 Universal
Martha Wainwright Martha Wainwright

2005 1 Drowned in Sound
Martina Topley-Bird Quixotic

2003 1 Independiente
Martine Girault Revival EP

Marvin Gaye Greatest Hits

1 Motown
Marvin Gaye What's Going On

1 Motown
Massilia Sound System Parla Patois

1991 1 Adam
Massilia Sound System 3968 CR13

1 CD-R
Massilia Sound System Occitanista

1 Adam
Massive Attack Daydreaming EP

1990 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Blue Lines

1991 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Hymn of the Big Wheel EP

1991 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Safe From Harm EP

1991 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy EP

1991 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Protection

1994 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Sly EP

1994 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Karmacoma EP

1995 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Protection EP

1995 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Risingson EP

1997 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Angel EP

1998 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Innertia Creeps EP

1998 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Mezzanine

1998 1 Virgin
Massive Attack Teardrop EP

1998 1 Virgin
Massive Attack The 100th Window

2003 1 Virgin
Matmos The Civil War

2003 1 Matador
MC Solaar Qui Seme Le Vent Recolte Le Tempo

1991 1 Polydor
Meat Beat Manifesto Version Galore EP

1 Play It Again Sam
Meteors, The Graveyard Stomp

1995 1 Nectar
Meters, The The Meters

1969 1 Rhino
Meters, The Look-Ka Py Py

1970 1 Sundazed
MIA Arular

2005 1 XL
Miaow When it All Comes Down

2003 1 LTM
Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress

2005 1 Sketchbook
Micah P. Hinson The Baby and the Satellite

2005 1 Sketchbook
Michael Jackson Thriller (2001 Special Edition)

1983 1 Epic
Michael Nyman The Draughtman's Contract

1982 1 Virgin
Michael Nyman Drowning By Numbers

1988 1 Virgin
Michael Nyman Prospero's Books

1991 1 Decca
Michael Nyman String Quartets

1991 1 Argo
Michael Nyman The Piano

1993 1 Virgin
Michael Nyman The Piano EP

1 Virgin
Michaelis Constant Foreign Correspondent

1999 1 Temple Remote
Michaelis Constant Gondwanaland

2002 1 Temple Remote
Miles Davis Bitches Brew

Miles Davis Kind of Blue

1 Columbia
Miles Davis Mellow Miles

1 Columbia
Miles Davis On the Corner

1 Columbia
Miles Davis Sketches of Spain

1 Columbia
Minnie Riperton Les Fleurs

2001 1 EMI
Missing Brazilians, The Warzone

1997 1 On-U Sound
Monkees, The 16 Greatest Hits

Monster Magnet Spine of God

1992 1 Glitterhouse
Moon and the Melodies, The The Moon and the Melodies

1986 1 4AD
Moondog The Viking of Sixth Avenue

2005 1 Honest Jon
Morcheeba Big Calm

1 China
Morphine Cure for Cancer

1993 1 Rykodisc
Morphine Yes

1995 1 Rykodisc
Mother Funked Up EP

1996 1 Six6
Motorhead No Remorse

1 Castle
Motorhead On Parole

Mountain Goats, The Tallahassee

2002 1 4AD
Ms Dynamite A Little Deeper

2002 1 Polydor
My Morning Jacket Z

2005 1 Sony
Mylene Farmer Ainsi Soit Je…

1988 1 Polydor
Mylene Farmer Innamoramento

1999 1 Polydor
Mylene Farmer Les Mots

2001 2 Polydor
Mylene Farmer Avant Que L'ombre

2005 1 Polydor
Nas Illmatic

1994 1 Columbia
Nas If I Ruled the World EP

1 Columbia
National, The Alligator

2005 1 Beggars Banquet
Naughty by Nature Hip Hop Hooray EP

1 Tommy Boy
Neal Casal Fade Away Diamond Time

1995 1 Glitterhouse
Neal Casal The Sun Rises Here

1998 1 Fargo
Neal Casal Leaving Traces 1994-2004

2004 2 Fargo
Nearly God Nearly God

1 Fourth & Broadway
Neil Diamond The Greatest Hits (1966-1992)

2 Columbia
Neil Young Decade

2 Reprise
Neil Young Harvest

1 Reprise
Neil Young On the Beach

1 Reprise
Neil Young Tonight's the Night

1 Reprise
Neu Neu

1972 1 EMI
Neu! Neu 75

1975 1 EMI
New Age Steppers, The The New Age Steppers

1980 1 Beat Dis
New Age Steppers, The Massive Hits Vol. 1

1994 1 On-U Sound
New Radicals, The You Get What You Give EP

Nic Jones Penguin Eggs

1991 1 Topic
Nick Cave The Best of

2 Mute
Nick Cave Kicking Against the Pricks

1 Mute
Nick Cave Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus

2004 2 Mute
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds The Boatman's Call

1997 1 Mute
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Nocturama

2003 1 Mute
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds B-Sides and Rarities

2005 3 Mute
Nick Drake Bryter Layter

1970 1 Island
Nick Drake Pink Moon

1972 1 Island
Nick Drake Five Leaves Left

1 Island
Nico Chelsea Girl

1 Polydor
Nicolette Let No-one Live Rent Free in Your Head

1996 1 Talkin' Loud
Nightmares on Wax Smoker's Delight

1995 1 Warp
Nightmares on Wax Carboot Soul

1999 1 CD-R
Nightmares on Wax Mind Elevation

2003 1 Warp
Nils Okland Bris

2004 1 Rune Grammofon
Nilsson Everybody's Talkin': The Best of

1997 1 BMG
Nina Nastasia The Blackened Air

2002 1 Touch and Go
Nina Nastasia Dogs

2004 1 Touch and Go
Nina Simone The Nina Simone Story

1989 1 déjà vu
Nina Simone Emergency Ward/It Is Finished/Black Gold

Nina Simone Forbidden Fruit/Nina Simone Sing Ellington/Folksy Nina

2 West Side
Nina Simone To Love Somebody/Here Comes the Sun

Nirvana Nevermind

1992 1 Geffen
Nirvana Heart Shaped Box EP

1 Geffen
No Doubt The Singles 1992-2003

2003 1 Interscope
No Doubt Tragic Kingdom

1 Trauma
Noah House of Dread Heart

1 On-U Sound
Noir Desir Veuillez-Rendre L'Ame a Qui Elle Appartient

1989 1 Barclay
Noir Desir One Trip One Noise

1998 1 Polydor
Noir Desir Des Visages des Figures

2001 1 Barclay
No-Neck Blues Band, the Qvaris

2005 1 5RC
Norma Jean Norma Jean

1 Sequel
NWA Greatest Hits

1996 1 Ruthless
Oasis Definitely Maybe

1 Creation
Oasis What's the Story, Morning Glory?

1 Creation
Olive You're Not Alone EP

Orb, The Oxbow Lakes EP

1 Island
Orbital The Yellow Album

1991 1 FFRR
Original London Revival Cast Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

1997 2 JAY
Original Rockers Push Push EP

1 Cake
Original Soundtrack Grease

1978 1 Polydor
Original Soundtrack Wings of Desire

1988 1 Mute
Original Soundtrack Deep Throat Anthology Vol. 1 & 2

2004 1 Light in the Attic
Original Soundtrack The Wicker Man

1 British Lion
Original Soundtrack Vampyros Lesbos: Sexadelic Dance Party

1 Motel
Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul

1 Atlantic
Otis Redding The Definitive Collection

1 Atlantic
Oui 3 For What It's Worth EP

Outkast Speakerboxx/The Love Below

2003 2 Arista
P.G. Six Parlour Tricks and Porch Favourites

2001 1 Amish Records
P.G. Six The Well of Memory

2004 1 Amish Records
Palace Brothers, The There is No-one What Will Look After You

1993 1 Domino
Palace Brothers, The Days in the Wake

1994 1 Domino
Palace Music Viva Last Blues

1995 1 Domino
Palace Music Arise Therefore

1996 1 Domino
Palace Music Lost Blues and Other Songs

1997 1 Domino
Palace Songs Hope

1994 1 Domino
Pan-American Quiet City

2004 2 Kranky
Papa M Whatever, Mortal

2001 1 Domino
Papa M Hole of Burning Alms

2003 1 Domino
Patti Smith Easter (1996 Reissue)

1978 1 Arista
Patti Smith Horses

1 Arista
Paul Simon Still Crazy After All These Years

1975 1 Warner Bros
Paul Simon Graceland

1986 1 Warners
Paul Simon Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-1986

1988 1 Warners
Paul Young From Time to Time

1 Columbia
Peaches The Teaches of Peaches

2001 1 XL
Pearl Jam Vs.

1993 1 Sony
Pearls Before Swine One Nation Underground (2003 Reissue)

1967 1 ESP
Pearls Before Swine Balaclava (2003 Reissue)

1968 1 ESP
Pearls Before Swine These Things Too (2003 Reissue)

1969 1 Water
Pearls Before Swine The Use of Ashes (2003 Reissue)

1970 1 Water
Penguin Café Orchestra Music from the Penguin Café

1976 1 Virgin
Penguin Café Orchestra Penguin Café Orchestra

1981 1 Virgin
Penguin Café Orchestra Broadcasting From Home

1984 1 Virgin
Pet Shop Boys Please

1 Parlophone
Pete Seeger Greatest Hits

1 Columbia
Peter Cook Over at Rainbow's

2002 2 Proper
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore Present Derek & Clive (Live)

1 Island
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel 1

1977 1 Geffen
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel 3

1980 1 Geffen
Peter Gabriel So

1986 1 Geffen
Peter Hurford Organ Spectacular

1 Decca
Peter Murphy Love Hysteria

1 Beggars Banquet
Pharoah Sanders Message From Home

1 CD-R
Phil Collins Face Value

1 Virgin
Phil Collins No Jacket Required

1 Virgin
Phil Ochs The War is Over: The Best of Phil Ochs

1988 1 A&M
Pink Can't Take Me Home

2000 1 Arista
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon (SACD) (2003 Reissue)

1973 1 EMI
Pink Floyd Echoes

2001 2 EMI
Pixies Doolittle

1989 1 4AD
Pixies Surfer Rosa (& Come On Pilgrim)

1 4AD
PJ Harvey C'mon Billy EP

1 Island
Placebo Placebo

1996 1 Virgin
Placebo Without You I'm Nothing

1998 1 Virgin
Placebo Pure Morning EP

1 Virgin
Planxty The Planxty Collection

1989 1 Shanachie
Playgroup Epic Sound Battles Chapter One and Two (1982/1983)

1991 1 On-U Sound
Pogues, The If I Should Fall From Grace with God

Pogues, The Red Roses For Me

Pogues, The Rum, Sodomy & the Lash (reissue)

Police, The Outlandos D'Amour (reissue)

1978 1 A&M
Police, The Reggatta De Blanc (reissue)

1979 1 A&M
Police, The Zenyatta Mondatta (reissue)

1980 1 A&M
Police, The Synchronicity (reissue)

1983 1 A&M
Police, The Ghost in the Machine

1 A&M
Pop Group, The Y

1979 1 Radarscope
Popol Vuh Aguirre

1 Spalax
Popol Vuh Coeur de Verre

1 Spalax
Popol Vuh On the Way to a Little Way - Nosferatu

1 Spalax
Popol Vuh Singet, Denn Der Gegang Vertreist Die Wolfe

1 Milan
Portishead Dummy

1994 1 Go!
Portishead Portishead

1997 1 Go!
Portishead Sour Times EP

1 Go Beat
Pretenders, The The Pretenders

1980 1 Warner Bros
Pretenders, The Greatest Hits

2000 1 Warner Bros
Primal Scream Screamadelica

1 Creation
Primal Scream, On-U Sound & Irvine Welsh The Big Man and the Scream Team Meet the Barmy Army Uptown EP 1 Creation
Prince Purple Rain

1983 1 Warner Bros
Prince The Very Best of

2001 1 Warner Bros
Prince Alla Only Love Can Conquer 1976-1979

1 Blood & Fire
Prince and the Revolution Purple Rain

1984 1 Warners
Prince Far I Heavy Manners: Anthology

2 Trojan
Prince Far I Black Man Land

1 Frontline
Prince Far I Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 3

1 Pressure Sounds
Prince Far I Psalms For I

1 Pressure Sounds
Prince Jammy The Crowning of Prince Jammy

1 Pressure Sounds
Prodigy, The Music For the Jilted Generation

1 XL
Propaganda A Secret Wish

Propaganda Outside World

Propaganda Wishful Thinking (reissue)

Psychedelic Furs, The Should God Forget

2 Columbia
Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

1 Columbia
Public Image Ltd. Plastic Box

4 Virgin
Public Image Ltd. Second Edition

1 Virgin
Puerto Muerto …Your Bloated Corpse Has Washed Ashore

2002 1 Fire
Pulp Masters of the Universe

1985 1 Fire
Pulp We Love Life

2001 1 Island
Pulp A Different Class

1 Island
Pulp His 'n' Hers

1 Island
Pulp This is Hardcore

1 Island
Queen A Night at the Opera

1974 1 EMI
Queen Greatest Hits 1 & 2

2 Parlophone
Queen A Day at the Races

1 Parlophone
Queen Latifah All Hail the Queen

1 Tommy Boy
Radiohead The Bends

1994 1 Parlophone
Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine

1 Epic
Rain Tree Crow Rain Tree Crow

1 Virgin
Rapeman Two Nuns and a Pack Mule

1 Touch and Go
Ras Michael & Sons of Negus Dadawah - Peace and Love/Nyabinghi

1 Trojan
Red Hot Chilli Peppers Californication

1 Warners
Red House Painters Down Colorful Hill

1992 1 4AD
Red House Painters Retrospective

1999 2 4AD
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Talk About the Weather/Paint Your Wagon

1 Cherry Red
REM The Best of

1991 1 IRS
REM Automatic for the People

1 Warners
REM Green

1 Warners
REM New Adventures in Hi-Fi

1 Warners
REM Out of Time

1 Warners

1 Warners
Residents, The God in 3 Persons

2000 2 Cryptic
Revolutionary Dub Warriors Reaction Dub Part One: Deliverance

1994 1 On-U Sound
Revolutionary Dub Warriors State of Evolution

1996 1 On-U Sound
Revolutionary Dub Warriors Know Your Enemy EP

1 On-U Sound
Rhythm & Sound Rhythm & Sound

2001 1 Basic Channel
Richard and Linda Thompson I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight

1974 1 Island
Richard and Linda Thompson Hokey Pokey

1975 1 Island
Richard and Linda Thompson Pour Down Like Silver

1975 1 Island
Richard and Linda Thompson Shoot Out the Lights (Japanese Reissue)

1982 1 Rykodisc
Richard Thompson Mock Tudor

1999 1 Capitol
Richard Thompson The Old Kit Bag

2003 1 Cooking Vinyl
Robert Johnson The Complete Recordings

2 Sony
Robert Wyatt Shleep

1997 1 Rykodisc
Roberta Flack Chapter Two

1970 1 Atlantic
Roberta Flack Quiet Fire

1971 1 Atlantic
Roberta Flack First Take

1 Atlantic
Roberta Flack Killing Me Softly

1 Atlantic
Robin S Show Me Love EP

1 Champion
Roger Green & Porlolo What Would This Be For

2005 1 CD-R (Independent Release)
Rolling Stones, The Aftermath

1966 1 ABKCO
Rolling Stones, The Beggars Banquet

1968 1 ABKCO
Rolling Stones, The Let It Bleed

1969 1 ABKCO
Rolling Stones, The Rock and Roll Circus

1996 1 ABKCO
Rolling Stones, The Singles Collection: The London Years

Rolling Stones, The Exile on Main Street

1 Virgin
Rolling Stones, The Jump Back: Best of 1971-1993

1 Virgin
Rolling Stones, The Sticky Fingers

1 Virgin
Roxy Music For Your Pleasure

1 Virgin
Roxy Music Roxy Music

1 Virgin
Roxy Music Stranded

1 Virgin
Roy Ayers Daddy Bug

1969 1 Atlantic
Roy Ayers Evolution: The Polydor Anthology

1 Polydor
Rufus Wainwright Rufus Wainwright

1998 1 Dreamworks
Rufus Wainwright Poses

2001 1 Dreamworks
Rufus Wainwright Want One

2003 1 Dreamworks
Rufus Wainwright Want Two

2004 1 Dreamworks
Run DMC Raising Hell

1 Profile
Ryan Adams Heartbreaker

2000 1 Cooking Vinyl
Ryuichi Sakamoto Moto.Tronic

2003 2 Sony
RZA, The Hits

1999 1 Epic
Sabres of Paradise, The Haunted Dancehall

1 Warp
Sade Diamond Life

1 Epic
Sade The Best of

1 Epic
Saint Etienne Foxbase Alpha

1992 1 Heavenly
Saint Etienne I Was Born on Christmas Day EP

1993 1 Warners
Saint Etienne So Tough

1993 1 Heavenly
Saint Etienne You're in a Bad Way EP

1993 1 Warners
Saint Etienne Like a Motorway EP

1994 1 Sony
Saints, The Casablanca

1989 1 Mushroom
Sandy Denny Sandy

1972 1 Island
Scarface Mr. Scarface is Back

1 Rap-a-Lot
Schooly D (with tracks by AZ) Welcome to America

1 CD-R
Scissor Sisters Scissor Sisters

2004 1 Polydor
Scott Walker Scott

1967 1 Fontana
Scott Walker Scott 2

1968 1 Fontana
Scott Walker Scott 3

1969 1 Fontana
Scott Walker Scott 4

1969 1 Fontana
Scott Walker Climate of Hunter (2006 Reissue)

1983 1 Virgin
Scott Walker Tilt

1995 1 Fontana
Scritti Politti Early

2005 1 Rough Trade
Sebastien Tellier L'incroyable Vertite

2001 1 Virgin
Senor Coconut Fiesta Sounds

2003 1 Multicolor
Senor Coconut El Baile Aleman

1 Multicolor
Serge Gainsbourg Du Chant a la Une

1958 1 Mercury
Serge Gainsbourg No. 2

1959 1 Mercury
Serge Gainsbourg No. 4

1962 1 Mercury
Serge Gainsbourg Confidentiale

1963 1 Mercury
Serge Gainsbourg Percussions

1964 1 Philips
Serge Gainsbourg Initials B.B.

1968 1 Philips
Serge Gainsbourg Serge Gainsbourg avec Jane Birkin

1969 1 Philips
Serge Gainsbourg Cannabis (2001 Reissue) (with Jean-Claude Vannier)

1970 1 Universal
Serge Gainsbourg L'histoire de Melody Nelson

1971 1 Philips
Serge Gainsbourg Vu de L'exterieur

1973 1 Philips
Serge Gainsbourg Rock Around the Bunker

1975 1 Mercury
Serge Gainsbourg L'Homme a Tete De Chou

1976 1 Mercury
Serge Gainsbourg Aux Armes et Cetera (Reissue)

1979 2 Mercury
Serge Gainsbourg Couleur Café

1996 1 Philips
Serge Gainsbourg Le Cinema Du Serge Gainsbourg

2001 3 Mercury
Seu Jorge Cru

2004 1 Beleza
Sex Gang Children The Hungry Years

1 Receiver
S'Express Original Soundtrack

1 Rhythm King
S'Express Theme from S'express EP

1 Rhythm King
Sft Shwarma

1996 1 Mute
Shabba Ranks Greatest Hits

1 Epic
Shakira Laundry Service

2001 1 Epic
Shangri-Las, The Myrmidons of Melodrama

2002 1 RPM
Shelby Lynne I am Shelby Lynne

1999 1 Mercury
Shelby Lynne Love, Shelby

2001 1 Island
Shelby Lynne This is Shelby Lynne: Best of the Epic Years

1 Epic
Shirley Collins Within Sound (Box Set)

2004 4 Fledg'ling
Sigur Ros ()

2002 1 Fat Cat
Sigur Ros Takk..

2005 1 EMI
Simon & Garfunkel Sounds of Silence (2001 Reissue)

1966 1 Columbia
Simon & Garfunkel Old Friends

3 Columbia
Simon Jeffes Piano Music

2000 1 Zopf
Simple Minds Glittering Prize 1981-1992

1 Virgin
Simply Red Picture Book

1985 1 East West
Sindecut, The Changing the Scenery

1 CD-R
Singers and Players Golden Greats Vol. 2

1 On-U Sound
Singers and Players Revenge of the Underdog

1 On-U Sound
Singers and Players Staggering Heights

1 On-U Sound
Singers and Players War of Words

1 On-U Sound
Siouxsie and the Banshees The Scream (2005 Reissue)

1978 2 Polydor
Siouxsie and the Banshees Kaleidoscope

1980 1 Polydor
Siouxsie and the Banshees Juju

1981 1 Polydor
Siouxsie and the Banshees Once Upon a Time

1981 1 Polydor
Siouxsie and the Banshees Nocturne

1983 1 Polydor
Siouxsie and the Banshees Hyaena

1984 1 Polydor
Siouxsie and the Banshees Twice Upon a Time

1992 1 Polydor
Siouxsie and the Banshees Downside Up

2004 4 Polydor
Sisters of Mercy, The First and Last and Always (1992 Reissue)

1985 1 WEA
Sisters of Mercy, The Some Girls Wander By Mistake

1992 1 Warners
Sisters of Mercy, The A Slight Case of Overbombing

1993 1 Warner Bros
Six Organs of Admittance Six Organs of Admittance

1998 1 Holy Mountain
Six Organs of Admittance Dust and Chimes

2000 1 Holy Mountain
Six Organs of Admittance Dark Noontide

2002 1 Holy Mountain
Six Organs of Admittance For Octavio Paz

2003 1 Holy Mountain
Six Organs of Admittance School of the Flower

2005 1 Holy Mountain
Sixteen Horsepower Sixteen Horsepower

1995 1 Ricochet
Sixteen Horsepower Sackcloth 'n' Ashes

1996 1 A&M
Sixteen Horsepower Low Estate

1998 1 A&M
Sixteen Horsepower Secret South

2000 1 Razor & Tie
Sixteen Horsepower Hoarse

2001 1 Checkered Past
Sixteen Horsepower Folklore

2002 1 Glitterhouse
Sixteen Horsepower Olden

2003 1 Jetset
Skinny Puppy Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate

1987 1 Nettwerk
Skinny Puppy 12" Anthology

1990 1 Nettwerk
Skinny Puppy Remission & Bites

1 Play It Again Sam
Slits, The Cut

1 Island
Smiths, The Hatful of Hollow

Smiths, The Meat Is Murder

Smiths, The Strangeways, Here We Come

Smiths, The The Queen is Dead

Smog Julius Caesar

1993 1 Domino
Smog Burning Kingdom

1994 1 Drag City
Smog Wild Love

1995 1 Drag City
Smog The Doctor Came at Dawn

1996 1 Drag City
Smog Red Apple Falls

1997 1 Domino
Smog Knock Knock

1999 1 Domino
Smog Dongs of Sevotion

2000 1 Drag City
Smog Accumulation None

2002 1 Domino
Smog Supper

2003 1 Drag City
Smog A River Ain't Too Much In Love

2005 1 Domino
Sneaker Pimps Becoming X

1 Virgin
Soft Cell 12" Mixes

3 Mercury
Soft Cell Last Night in Sodom

1 Mercury
Soft Cell Non-stop Erotic Cabaret

1 Mercury
Soft Cell The Art of Falling Apart

1 Mercury
Sonic Youth Sonic Youth

1982 1 SST
Sonic Youth Evol

1986 1 Blast First
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Read My Lips

1 Polydor
Soul II Soul Club Classics Volume 1

1 10 Records
Sounds of Blackness I'm Going All the Way EP

1 A&M
Sounds of Blackness The Evolution of Gospel

1 Perspective
Space Spiders

1 Gut
Spacemen Three Playing With Fire

1 Fire
Spearhead Hole in the Bucket EP

1 Capitol
Spearhead Of Course You Can EP

1 Capitol
Spearhead People in tha Middle EP

1 Capitol
St. Vitus Dance Love Me Love My Dogma

2005 1 Probe Plus
Stafraenn Hakon Skvettir Edik a Ref

2002 1 Resonant
Stanley Myers Sitting Target: Original Soundtrack (2005 Reissue)

1972 1 Finders Keepers
Steeleye Span Hark! The Village Wait (2006 Reissue)

1970 1 Castle
Steeleye Span Please to See the King (2006 Reissue)

1971 2 Castle
Steeleye Span Ten Man Mop (2006 Reissue)

1972 2 Castle
Steeleye Span Below the Salt

1972 1 BGO
Steeleye Span Parcels of Rogues

1973 1 BGO
Steely Dan Pretzel Logic (1999 Reissue)

1974 1 MCA
Steely Dan Katy Lied (1999 Reissue)

1975 1 MCA
Stephen Stills Stephen Stills

1970 1 Atlantic
Stephen Stills Manassas

1972 1 Atlantic
Stephen Wright I Have a Pony

1985 1 WEA
Stereo MCs Supernatural

1 Fourth & Broadway
Steve Earle Guitar Town

1986 1 MCA
Steve Earle Essential Steve Earle

Steve Kuhn Trance (2005 Reissue)

1975 1 ECM
Steve Winwood Classic Steve Winwood

2001 1 Universal
Stevie Nicks The Wild Heart

1983 1 EMI
Stevie Wonder Innervisions

1 Motown
Stevie Wonder Talking Book

1 Motown
Stone Roses, The Fools Gold '95 EP

1995 1 Silvertone
Stone Roses, The The Complete

1 Silvertone
Stooges, The The Stooges

1969 1 Elektra
Stooges, The Funhouse

1970 1 Elektra
Stranglers, The The Collection 1977-1982

1 Liberty
Strawberry Switchblade Strawberry Switchblade

1985 1 WEA
Strokes, The Room on Fire

2003 1 Rough Trade
Strokes, The Is This It

1 Rough Trade
Sub Sub Ain't No Love EP

1993 1 Robs
Sufjan Stevens Greetings from Michigan

2003 1 Rough Trade
Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans

2004 1 Rough Trade
Sufjan Stevens Come on, feel the Illinoise!

2005 1 Rough Trade
Sugababes One Touch

2000 1 London
Sugababes Angels With Dirty Faces

2002 1 Universal
Sugababes Three

2003 1 Universal
Suicide Suicide

2 Blast First
Sun Kil Moon What's Next to the Moon (as Mark Kozelek)

2001 1 Badman
Sun Kil Moon Ghosts of the Great Highway

2003 1 Jetset
Sun Kil Moon Tiny Cities

2005 1 Rough Trade
Sun Ra We Travel the Spaceways/Bad and Beautiful

1 Evidence
Sundays, The Reading, Writing and Arithmatic

1990 1 Rough Trade
Sundays, The Blind

1992 1 Parlophone
Sundays, The Static and Silence

1997 1 Parlophone
Sunny Day Real Estate Sunny Day Real Estate Live

1999 1 Subpop
Suns of Arqa Revenge of the Mozabites

1979 1 Rocksteady
Suns of Arqa Cosmis Jugalbandi

1999 1 Rocksteady
Suns of Arqa Live with Prince Far I

1999 1 Arka Sound
Suns of Arqa Solar Activity: 1979-2001

2001 1 EMI
Supersilent Supersilent 6

2003 1 Rune Grammofon
Supertramp Breakfast in America

1979 1 A&M
Susanna and the Magical Orchestra List of Lights and Buoys

2004 1 Rune Grammofon
Suzanne Vega Suzanne Vega

1985 1 A&M
Suzanne Vega Nine Objects of Desire

1 A&M
Swans Cop/Young God - Greed/Holy Money (2005 Reissue)

1984 2 Some Bizarre
Swans Swans are Dead

1997 2 Young God
Swans The Great Annihilator

1997 1 Young God
Swans Children of God/World of Skin

2 Young God
Swans Various Failures 1988-1992

2 Young God
Swans Burning World

Sweeney's Men The Legend of Sweeney's Men - Anthology

2004 2 Sanctuary
SWV I'm So Into You EP

1993 1 RCA
SWV Downtown EP

1994 1 RCA
T Rex Tanx (2002 Reissue)

1973 2 Edsel
Tackhead Friendly as a Hand Grenade

1 Southern
Talk Talk The Party's Over

1982 1 EMI
Talk Talk The Colour of Spring

1986 1 EMI
Talk Talk Spirit of Eden

1997 1 EMI
Talking Heads Once in a Lifetime

Tanita Tikaram The Best of

1 East West
Tanya Donolly Beautysleep

2002 1 4AD
Tanya Donolly Lovesongs for Underdogs

1 4AD
Tatu 200 Km/h in the Wrong Lane

2003 1 Universal
Teardrop Explodes, The Everyone Wants to Shag…

1 Fontana
Teardrop Explodes, The Kilimanjaro

1 Mercury
Tears for Fears Tears Roll Down

1 Fontana
Terrence Trent D'Arby Introducing the Hardline According to

1 Columbia
Terrence Trent D'Arby Symphony or Damn

1 Columbia
The The Dusk

1992 1 Sony
The The Hanky Panky

1994 1 Sony
The The Infected

2002 1 Sony
The Wind in the Willows The Wind in the Willows

1 Edsel
Theatre of Hate Westworld

1 Snapper
Thirteenth Floor Elevators, The The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators (2002 Reissue)

1966 1 Sunspots
This Mortal Coil It'll End in Tears

1984 1 4AD
This Mortal Coil Filigree & Shadow

1986 1 4AD
This Mortal Coil Blood

1991 1 4AD
Throbbing Gristle 20 Jazz Funk Greats

1978 1 Mute
Tim Buckley Tim Buckley & Goodbye and Hello

1967 1 Elektra
Tim Buckley Happy Sad

1969 1 Elektra
Tim Buckley Morning Glory: Tim Buckley at the BBC

1994 1 Band of Joy
Tim Buckley Morning Glory: The Tim Buckley Anthology

2001 2 Elektra
Tindersticks Tindersticks

1993 2 Island
Tindersticks Tindersticks II

1995 1 Quicksilver
Tindersticks Trouble Every Day

2001 1 Beggars Banquet
Tindersticks Waiting for the Moon

2003 1 Beggars Banquet
Tinita Tikaram The Best of

1996 1 Warners
TLC No Scrubs EP

1999 1 Arista
TLC Fanmail

1 Arista
Tom Waits Nighthawks at the Diner

1975 1 Asylum
Tom Waits Foreign Affairs

1977 1 Elektra
Tom Waits Asylum Years

1 Asylum
Tom Waits Beautiful Maladies

1 Island
Tom Waits Small Change

1 Asylum
Tori Amos Little Earthquakes

1992 1 East West
Tori Amos Under the Pink

1994 1 East West
Tori Amos Boys For Pele

1996 1 East West
Tori Amos From the Choirgirl Hotel

1998 1 East West
Towering Inferno Kaddish

1993 1 Island
Tricky Makes Me Wanna Die EP

1997 1 Fourth & Broadway
Tricky Maxinquaye

1 Fourth & Broadway
TwentyFour Carat Black, The Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth

1 Stax
Twinkle Brothers, The Rasta Pon Top/ Free Africa

1 CD-R
U2 Achtung Baby

1991 1 Island
U2 Zooropa

1993 1 Island
U2 Sweetest Thing EP

1998 1 Island
U2 Boy

1 Island
U2 October

1 Island
U2 The Joshua Tree

1 Island
U2 The Unforgettable Fire

1 Island
U2 War

1 Island
UB40 The Best of UB40 Volume 1

1 Virgin
UB40 The Best of UB40 Volume 2

1 Virgin
UB40 The UB40 File

1 Virgin
Ultra Nate Blue Notes in the Basement

1 Warners
Ultra Vivid Scene Ultra Vivid Scene

1988 1 4AD
Ultra Vivid Scene Rev

1992 1 4AD
Ultravox Ha! Ha! Ha!

1 Island
Ultravox Systems of Romance

1 Island
Ultravox Ultravox!

1 Island
Uncle Tupelo 89/93: An Anthology

2002 1 Columbia
Unique 3 No More EP

1991 1 10 Records
Urban Cookie Collective Feels Like Heaven EP

1993 1 Pulse-8
Van Dyke Parks Song Cycle (1999 Reissue)

1968 1 Rykodisc
Van Dyke Parks Discover America (1999 Reissue)

1972 1 Rykodisc
Various Artists Pay it All Back Vol. 3

1991 1 On-U Sound
Various Artists Kings of Cajun

1992 1 Music Club
Various Artists Remember! The Great Hits from the Girl Groups

1993 1 Charly
Various Artists Folk Music of Turkey

1994 1 Topic
Various Artists Ridin' the Rainbow: Gay Classics Vol. 1

1995 1 Hot
Various Artists Sounds and Pressure Vol. 2

1996 1 Pressure Sounds
Various Artists Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg

1997 1 Tzadik
Various Artists Motown Forever

1998 2 Motown
Various Artists Smokedown 2: Further Travels into the Leftfield

1998 2 Music Collection
Various Artists The Best of Stevie and Clevie

1998 1 Jetstar
Various Artists Return of the Grevious Angel: A Tribute to Gram Parsons

1999 1 Almo
Various Artists Finders Keepers

2000 1 Fat City
Various Artists At Home with the Groovebox

2000 1 Grand Royal
Various Artists Songs from Randall & Hopkirk Deceased

2000 1 Island
Various Artists Beyond Nashville

2001 2 Mantera
Various Artists Flag Flown High: The Best of Bobby Digital's Roots Productions

2002 1 Maximum Pressure
Various Artists Rough Trade Shops Post Punk Vol 1

2003 2 Rough Trade
Various Artists 12"/80s

2004 3 Family
Various Artists Che - Hasta la Victoria Siempre

2004 1 BIS
Various Artists Anthems in Eden

2005 4 Castle
Various Artists Good for What Ails You

2005 2 Old Hat
Various Artists New Thing!

2005 2 Soul Jazz
Various Artists Folk is not a Four Letter Word

2005 1 Delay 68
Various Artists Never the Same - Leavetaking from the British Folk Revival 1970-1977

2005 1 Honest Jon
Various Artists Prog is not a Four Letter Word

2005 1 Delay 68
Various Artists A Night at Planet X

4 CD-R
Various Artists Rough Trade: 25 Years

4 Mute
Various Artists The Front Line

4 Virgin
Various Artists More Dynamite Reggae Classics Vol. 2

3 Decadance
Various Artists The Beginners Guide to Bollywood

Various Artists Trojan Dub Box Set

3 Trojan
Various Artists Trojan Roots Box Set

3 Trojan
Various Artists Works of Jah

3 Orange Street
Various Artists 15 Years in an Open Boat

2 On-U Sound
Various Artists Headz

2 Mo Wax
Various Artists Headz 2a

2 Mo Wax
Various Artists Headz 2b

2 Mo Wax
Various Artists Rhythm Divine 2

2 Dino
Various Artists Rough Trade Shops Rock N Roll 1

2 Mute
Various Artists Simply the Best Disco

2 Warners
Various Artists The Best 60s Album in the World 2

2 Virgin
Various Artists The Best Christmas Album in the World

2 Virgin
Various Artists The Best Punk Album in the World 2

2 Virgin
Various Artists The Hip Hop Years

2 Columbia
Various Artists The No. 1 Ska Album

2 Polygram
Various Artists This is Trip Hop 2

2 Beechwood
Various Artists Warp 10+2: Classics 89-92

2 Warp
Various Artists Artificial Intelligence

1 Warp
Various Artists Artificial Intelligence 2

1 Warp
Various Artists Back to Breaks: The True Sounds from the Original Block Parties 1 Blow
Various Artists Beatz by Dope Demand Vol. 1

1 Kickin'
Various Artists Beyond the Frontline

1 Virgin
Various Artists Black Roots: Funky and Abstract Directions in Jazz 1965-1975 1 Atlantic
Various Artists Blue Break Beats Vol. 1

1 Blue Note
Various Artists Blue Break Beats Vol. 2

1 Blue Note
Various Artists Blue N' Groovy

1 Blue Note
Various Artists Chainstore Massacre

1 On-U Sound
Various Artists Classic Jazz-Funk Mastercuts Vol. 1

1 Beechwood
Various Artists Classic Reggae: The Deejays

1 Music Club
Various Artists Classic Reggae: The Producers

1 Music Club
Various Artists Cypher 0.0

1 Temple Remote
Various Artists Dawn of Electronica

1 Demon
Various Artists Discoplates Collection Vol. 1

1 On-U Sound
Various Artists Discoplates Collection Vol. 2

1 On-U Sound
Various Artists Electric

1 Crimson
Various Artists FFRR - Silver on Black

Various Artists Funky Collector Vol. 9

1 Universal
Various Artists Hardcore Ragga

1 Greensleeves
Various Artists Leaders of the Pack: The Very Best 60s Girl Groups

1 Polygram
Various Artists Natty Rebel Roots

1 Virgin
Various Artists Pay It All Back Vol. 2

1 On-U Sound
Various Artists Pillows and Prayers Volume 1

1 Cherry Red
Various Artists Rigour Disgust and Disciple: Fast Records

Various Artists Roots of Innovation

1 On-U Sound
Various Artists Sky High: The Mizell Brothers

1 Blue Note
Various Artists Sounds and Pressure Vol. 5

1 Pressure Sounds
Various Artists Staxfunx

1 Stax
Various Artists The 4th Chapter

1 XL
Various Artists The Indie Scene: 81

1 Connoisseur
Various Artists Tighten Up Volumes 1 & 2

1 Trojan
Various Artists Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out

1 Castle
Various Artists Ultra Lounge

1 CD-R
Various Artists Wild Paarty Sounds Vol.1

1 On-U Sound
Various Artists (Serge Gainsbourg) Jazz in Paris: Jazz & Cinema Vol. 3

2001 1 Universal
Vashti Bunyan Just Another Diamond Day

1970 1 Spinney
Vashti Bunyan Lookaftering

2005 1 Fat Cat
Velvet Jungle C'Mon C'Mon EP

1994 1 Sony
Velvet Underground, The What Goes On

3 Raven
Velvet Underground, The Loaded

1 Atlantic
Velvet Underground, The The Velvet Underground

1 Polydor
Verve, The Urban Hymns

1 Hut
Very Things, The The Bushes Scream While MY Daddy Prunes

1993 1 Fire
Vetiver Vetiver

2004 1 DiCristina
Violet Indiana Roulette

2001 1 Bella Union
Voice of Authority Very Big in America Right Now

1 On-U Sound
Wailing Souls Firehouse Rock

1981 1 Greensleeves
Walker Brothers, The If You Could Hear Me Now

2001 1 Columbia
Walker Brothers, The Portrait

1 Mercury
Walker Brothers, The Take It Easy With

1 Mercury
Warren Zevon Genius: The Best of

2002 1 Elektra
Waterboys, The This is the Sea (2004 Reissue)

1985 1 Chrysalis
Wayne/Jayne County Rock'n'Roll Cleopatra

1 Royalty
Wham! If You Were There: The Best of

1 Epic
White Stripes, The Elephant

2003 1 XL
White Town Undressed EP

1997 1 Chrysalis
Who, The Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy

Wilco Summerteeth

1999 1 Warners
Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

2002 1 Nonesuch
Will Oldham Black/Rich Music

1996 1 Drag City
Will Oldham Joya

1997 1 Drag City
Will Oldham Little Joya

1997 1 Drag City
Will Oldham Ode Music

1999 1 Drag City
Will Oldham All Most Heaven (with Rian Murphy)

2000 1 Domino
Will Oldham Guarapero

2000 1 Domino
Will Oldham Seafarer's Music

2004 1 Drag City
Willard Grant Conspiracy Flying Low

1998 1 Rykodisc
Willard Grant Conspiracy 3am Sunday @ Fortune Otto's

1999 1 Rykodisc
Willard Grant Conspiracy Mojave

1999 1 Slow River
Willard Grant Conspiracy Everything's Fine

2001 1 Slow River
Willard Grant Conspiracy Regard The End

2003 1 Kimchee
William Burroughs Vaudville Voices

1965 1 Grey Matter
Willy Mason Where the Humans Eat

2004 1 Virgin
Wings Wingspan

2 Parlophone
Wire 154

Wire Chairs Missing

Wolfgang Press, The Bird Wood Cage

1 4AD
Working Week Black and Gold

1 10 Records
Woven Hand Blush Music

2003 1 Familyre
Woven Hand Woven Hand

2003 1 Glitterhouse
Woven Hand Consider the Birds

2004 1 Familyre
Wu Tang Clan Wu-Tang Forever

2 Epic
Wu Tang Clan Wu-Chronicles

1 CD-R
Xmal Deutschland Tocsin

1 4AD
Yabby U Prophecy of Dub

1 CD-R
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell

1 Dress Up
Yellowman Mr. Yellowman

1 Greensleeves
Young Disciples, The Road to Freedom

1991 1 Talkin' Loud
Yusef Lateef Detroit

1969 1 Atlantic
Zazou/Bikaye/CY1 Noir et Blanc (2003 Reissue)

1983 1 Crammed
Zeitia Massiah This is the Place EP

1994 1 Virgin